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Helpful School Supplies You Need This Online School Year


We’re all under a lot of stress right now. Not even counting what’s happening outside our homes, we are all doing our best to keep our work outputs the same as before. Some people have embraced the new normal, yet others struggle to keep up. 

There’s so much to do, especially if you’re taking classes from home. You need a designated space to avoid distractions, good Wifi, assistance from parents… the list can go on forever. But with these back-to-school supplies, you’ll be ready to tackle School Year 2021-2022!

Here are some items you need to shop for online in preparation for the new school year!

Kiddie School Supply Sets

kids pencil

Get everything the student needs all in one with these! No need to pick and purchase everything separately. There are even themed sets, especially for little kids! Choose from Shopee’s selection now — with the 7.7 SALE, it comes at a total of ₱29 only — what a steal!



Now onwards to more practical supplies! You, of course, need more pens the older you get. Black pens are reliable and required — not that blue, or green pens aren’t good for writing purposes. Black is the conventional color for tests, especially. Be prepared and buy some at Shopee or Lazada!

Printer Paper


Everything is digital… well, almost. Your teacher might still assign you some printouts. Or you need to turn in the actual output. Or your teacher is being sneaky and doesn’t want you to pay too much for books. Or you’re assigned to make paper art! Whatever the use, you can find them in short, long, A4, and A3 sizes on Shopee.



You’d think notebooks would be out of style right now, but you’d be wrong. It’s good to keep yourself from spending too much time looking at a monitor when you’re studying! Not only that, it’s been proven that writing things down can help with memory! These can be found in Shopee or Lazada.


notebook 2

We can’t let you go without something to keep your files upright and pristine! You’ll need at least one of these to hold all your important documents. Tests, syllabi, slips, and more — this product can hold it all! (Don’t forget to purchase refills for it!) You can find some on Lazada for about 124 per piece this 7.7!

Dry Erase Whiteboard 

white board

Regardless of whether you’re doing online classes or not, a whiteboard can be useful! Maybe you need to use a whiteboard to answer questions. Maybe you need to write down your assignments so you don’t forget. Or maybe, you just need to see your schedule. Whiteboards are perfect for that! Just make sure you didn’t buy a permanent marker by accident at the store. You can buy one at Lazada!

Sticky Notes


Stay on top of deadlines with this calendar and sticky note set! You probably already have calendar apps on your phone and laptop, but this product is especially handy for keeping track of readings and assignments. Ooh, there’s even a spot for a pen! Find them in Shopee or Lazada.

Correction Tape

correction tape

Older kids may have resorted to pens to discourage themselves from making mistakes, but we all still do sometimes. Nothing to be ashamed of. With correction tape, you don’t have to worry about starting your entire essay over — just press and roll over the parts you want to erase! This product isn’t just useful for printed tests but also for your own personal notes. Get yours at Shopee or Lazada now!



With many reading materials, comes a need for highlighters. They’re perfect for making sure your eye is drawn to the most important parts of text or notes, but they’re also great for adding some color as well. You can doodle as little or as much as you want with these guys! Don’t worry, we won’t tell you. Find them on Shopee!

Coloring Pens


Whether young or old, one still needs to liven their schoolwork up with color!

Here’s a set of markers from Shopee! You can choose between white or black 12-, 24-, and 60-color sets!

Headphones (with a built-in microphone!)


Now, these are especially useful for online learning, as you get all the audio right in your ears and you don’t miss a thing! You won’t get scolded by Mrs Laguardia anymore for not listening to her with these. There’s also a microphone in it so that you can reply to and ask questions in class! Even if you’re learning in person, these will still be important for listening to tracks that help you focus on your schoolwork. Get yours at Shopee or Lazada!

Laptop backpacks

bag red

You shouldn’t let your laptop go unprotected in a bag that isn’t equipped to handle it with care, regardless of whether you’re having online classes or not. Your laptop is your friend, so go all out and make sure it’s properly secured. This travel backpack has a USB charging port on the side so that you can charge up your laptop even if you don’t take it out of the bag! It comes in a variety of colors such as black, burgundy, blue, and grey. Keep your laptop’s size in mind when choosing too! It can handle laptops up to 15cm and 17cm in length! Take your pick from Shopee and Lazada!

And that’s it for the top school supplies you need to face this year! What were your favorites? Which ones are you thinking of buying?

Whatever your answers, go with purpose, and work hard this year, students! – WhatALife.ph

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