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Harvey Cenit in Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

harvey cenit in illustrado 300 most influential filipinos in the gulf

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Harvey Cenit, who leads the creative direction of Al Aroosa Aniqah as Head Couture Designer, continues to solidify his enviable reputation among the wealthy women of the Gulf and the emirates.  Outside of the region, Harvey has produced exceptional pieces for world-renowned figures, such as former Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

Cenit considers being included in the Ilustrados 13th year anniversary issue as one of the highlights of his career in 2023, apart from being part of the Philippine Independence Day’s showcase. 

Although Harvey says that he is living out his dream, he still has another goal derived from it, to be able to support Cebuano designers into international success. Cenit believes that the Cebu fashion industry has a lot to offer internationally, and the designers deserve a spotlight in the international scene as well. 

Cenit has moved forward to mentor a new batch of talents from his hometown.

Cenit says, “It’s good to have someone on your side that is looking out for your best interests. As your career develops in fashion, a mentor can help you make connections that will lead you even further.” 

When Cenit showcased his collection in Cebu as an opening act for “World Class / Weddings at the Waterfront” show with icons such as Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos, and Furne One, who Cenit admits has influenced him greatly throughout his career, as it was a huge validation that a designer entered the big leagues.

As Cenit continues to show exquisite pieces, he has risen in the world of fashion in a span of five years since he set foot in the Emirates. Harvey has established himself as the designer of choice for affluent ladies across the nation with his exquisitely feminine design, which strikes a nice mix between exaggeration  and restrained refinement and is hard not to appreciate. 

Cenit looks forward into a greater future, as he talks about the importance of experiencing many aspects of someone’s craft.

“Because of my experiences, my ability to learn has also increased. The more I have used them, the less frustrated I have become, and the more rewarding life has become for me. Don’t waste your time learning something you aren’t willing to use in the future. If you’re spending your time and effort on something make sure that, if you get a chance to, you use it.  It’s a beautiful world out there. One must have to believe,” he says. – WhatALife!/Zain

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