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GUIDE: Employees Compensation Commission 2023

guide employees compensation commission 2023

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The Employees Compensation Commission is solely responsible for managing and administrating the compensation program of any employee. Operating within the framework of compensation laws and regulations, they ensure that any employee is fairly compensated for any injuries they have received while working.

The agency helps in promoting a healthier and safer working environment within any organization, ensuring that occupational health and safety standards are met. In this article, we will dive deep in understanding further about the ECC government agency, their role, and benefits towards the average working individual.

Understanding Employees Compensation Commission (ECC)

The Employees Compensation Commission, also known as the ECC, is a government agency with the responsibilities revolving around workers’ welfare. They provide assistance towards employees who suffer work-related injuries, illnesses, or death with fair compensations and benefits.

The ECC agency operates under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and oversees the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP). Their primary objective is to efficiently manage and implement the ECP, ensuring the provision of financial benefits to employees. The ECC also strives to enhance the well-being of both employees and employers, functioning as a vital safety net.

How to Apply for Cash Assistance from ECC

Due to the situation brought about by the pandemic in the past few years, the Employee’s Compensation Commission has leaned towards online cash assistance applications.  Workers on both private and government sectors can now apply for cash assistance at the site: https://cashassistance.ecc.gov.ph 

In applying for EC cash assistance, applicants will have to scan the required documents and upload them to the system. Here are a list of required documents:

  1. Approved EC Claim from SSS or GSIS.
  2. 2 Valid ID (Office/Company ID, SSS/GSIS or other government issued ID)
  3. Medical Abstract/Medical Certificate.
  4. Laboratory (RT-PCR/Rapid Antigen) test result showing POSITIVE for Covid-19.
  5. Other Supporting Documents. (Driver’s ID or other equivalent.)

Applicants should also be aware that the forms and requirements should be correct and complete before being uploaded. Once the application is submitted, a control number will be provided. Applicants must take note of their generated control number to monitor their online application’s progress.

An Overview Regarding ECC Service Benefits

The following benefits below are provided under the Employee’s Compensation Program:

  1. Loss-of-income benefits.
  2. Medical services, appliances and supplies.
  3. Carers’ allowance.
  4. Rehabilitation services.
  5. Death benefits.
  6. Funeral benefits.

For the death benefit, this is provided in case if the employee dies from an injury or sickness that occurred during their work. The employee’s beneficiaries shall receive the income benefit. The beneficiaries shall be either primary or secondary, and shall be determined at the time of employee’s death.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the Employees Compensation Commission.

How Do I Claim Cash Assistance from ECC?

In order to claim cash assistance from the Employee Compensation Commission, workers should apply for cash assistance at the site: https://cashassistance.ecc.gov.ph.

As aforementioned previously, workers should prepare a number of required documents to upload on the site and follow the provided instructions. Afterwards, a control number will be provided which would be used in tracking their application’s progress.

How Do I Claim ECC benefits?

Once the ECC application has been confirmed, the employees should follow the following steps in order to claim the benefits. It is worth noting that this should be done if ever a serious injury or sickness is sustained during work.

  • Employees should report a work-related injury or illness to the employer immediately.
  • Employees need to undergo a medical examination to assess their current condition.
  • Employees need to fill out the necessary ECC claim forms that are available on the official website or regional office.
  • The ECC will review the claim and will provide the benefits once approved.

How Much is ECC Cash Assistance for COVID-19?

Currently, the cash assistance can vary from Php 10,000 for survivors and Php 15,000 for those who died of COVID-19 related issues. 

What is the ECC for Government Employees?

The Employee Compensation Commission serves the same role in safeguarding the well-being of government workers. As a specialized agency, they also provide compensation and benefits to government employees with work-related injuries or illnesses.


Summarizing the article, the Employees Compensation Commission has the main goal of providing financial protection toward employees. They also aim to improve and ensure the safety measures and safeguards offered by the employers as well.

If you are looking for further inquiries regarding the compensation or about the agency, feel free to visit the Employee’s Compensation Commission website today for more details.

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