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Grizzlies wins over Pelicans  

grizzlies wins over pelicans

Memphis Grizzlies beat the New Orleans Pelicans with 115-113 score, Ja Morant also debuted with 34-points  showcasing his skills on Tuesday night. 

After overcoming a challenging 24-point deficit in the first half, Memphis staged a remarkable comeback, seizing their first lead since the second quarter. Ja Morant’s basket, part of a 9-1 run, gave the Grizzlies a 111-109 advantage with 1:22 left in the game. 

Following a timeout with the score tied at 113-113 and only 10 seconds remaining, Memphis strategically set up a play for Morant. He drove to the basket and made an off-balance jumper, bringing an end to the New Orleans Pelicans’ four-game winning streak.

Jaren Jackson Jr. contributed 24 points, while Desmond Bane added 21 for Memphis. In his comeback to the Grizzlies’ lineup after a 25-game suspension for displaying a firearm during a livestream video last spring, Morant posted 27 points in the second half, along with 6 rebounds and 8 assists.

Despite moments of fatigue and a limited success rate with jump shots, Morant showcased an impressive proficiency in driving to the paint and scoring. His skills included executing crossover dribbles to create opportunities for high floaters in the lane and making double-pump bank shots while suspended in the air. 

Meanwhile, Brandon Ingram scored 34 points for New Orleans, Zion Williamson’s playing time was restricted due to foul trouble, resulting in him finishing the game with only 13 points..

Memphis placed a comeback with an 11-0 run, initiating late in the first half and extending into the third quarter, narrowing the deficit to 60-47.

The competition remained intense from that point onward, as Morant consistently found ways to keep New Orleans on their toes. Memphis trailed 60-41 at halftime, with Vince Williams hitting a corner 3 at the buzzer.

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