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Gabriel Attal appointed as France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister

gabriel attal appointed as frances youngest and first openly gay prime minister

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed Gabriel Attal as the new Prime Minister of the country, making him the youngest individual and the first openly gay official in the role.

The 34-year-old, who previously served as the Education Minister, was appointed to the position on Tuesday, January 9, and is considered one of the nation’s most popular politicians, as indicated by recent opinion polls.

“I know I can count on your energy and your commitment,” Macron posted on X.

Gabriel Attal takes over from the departing Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who stepped down on Monday, January 8, amidst a cabinet restructuring as Macron seeks to inject fresh impetus into the remaining three years of his presidency.

Macron noted that the appointment brings back the “spirit of 2017,” the year when he assumed the role of France’s youngest president.

“I could read and hear it: The youngest president of the Republic in history appoints the youngest Prime Minister in history. I want to see it only as the symbol of boldness and movement. It is also, and perhaps above all, a symbol of confidence in young people,” Attal said.

In a speech delivered on Tuesday, January 9, Gabriel Attal stated his objectives as Prime Minister, emphasizing a commitment to prioritize security as an “absolute” concern and advocate for values centered around “authority and respect for others.”

Additionally, he pledged to enhance public services, including schools and the healthcare system, and emphasized the need for “improved management of immigration.”

In the upcoming European elections, Attal is set to represent the image of “Macronism,” facing off against National Front President Jordan Bardella, who, at 28, is his competitor, according to Rahman.

Gabriel Attal, who switched allegiance from the Socialist Party in 2016 to back Macron’s presidential bid in 2017, has been part of the government since 2018, serving in various capacities such as Secretary of State for Education and Youth, as well as Budget Minister.


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