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From jeepney cleaner to showbiz: Nikko Natividad’s Journey as a Certified “Raketero”

from jeepney cleaner to showbiz nikko natividads journey as a certified raketero

Before making a name in showbiz, Kapamilya actor and dancer Nikko Natividad proudly publicized that he was a certified “raketero,” juggling various jobs to earn his own money.

Nikko Natividad on Karen Davila Youtube Channel

Recalling his high school days, Nikko shared in an interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila on her YouTube channel that he temporarily stopped his studies during his second year. 

Facing financial challenges, he found himself cleaning jeepneys in Bagong Silang and engaging in various odd jobs as part of his living.

“Nagkaproblema kami, financial crisis so parang natutunan ko kung di mo kayang makatulong sa parents mo, huwag ka na lang maging pabigat. So kumbaga may sarili akong kinikita, may sarili na akong pera, hindi na ako hihingi sa kanila,” the Hashtag member explained.

Despite their financial struggles, Nikko acknowledged that life was relatively comfortable due to his father working in Japan for several years. 

However, he expressed confusion about the sudden financial downturn they experienced.

“Yung daddy ko OFW sa Japan pero ano eh, ups and down kami, eh. Na-experience ko okay kami, lahat ng Playstation meron kami niyan, private school kami nag-aaral.”

“May din bahay kami tapos biglang down na hindi ko nalaman ‘yung totoong problema kasi bata pa kami. Hindi sa amin sinasabi kung bakit kami ngayon salat.”

“Pero okay naman, di naman kami nagdamdam nun, tuluy-tuloy lang. Kapag meron, meron. Kapag wala, wala,” Niko shared

During college, he became a working student, taking on the role of a wedding coordinator on weekends when there were no classes. Before entering showbiz, he worked as a waiter and even took on the role of a salon assistant.

“Naging working student din daw siya pagtungtong niya ng kolehiyo, “Tapos nu’ng college, working student ako, naging wedding coordinator po ako kapag Saturday, Sunday kasi wala pong school nu’n, eh.”

Nikko also revealed that he grew up separated from his parents, being raised by his aunt and grandmother since he was two years old. 

“Nanay ko may sarili na ring pamilya. Two years old pa lang ako hiwalay (na mga magulang ko). Lumaki ako sa tita and lola.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, he emphasized his determination to avoid working abroad as his father did, spending 14 straight years in Japan.

“Siyempre birthday, Pasko, graduation, family day, siyempe uma-attend tita mo, lola mo. Kaya ngayong may anak na ako, ayaw kong mag-work sa ibang bansa kasi si daddy ko two years old ako, 14 years straight ‘yun siya sa Japan,” Nikko reflection from his childhood.

Now a father himself, Nikko aspires to have a close relationship with his child, wanting to be more of a best friend.

He expressed his desire for his child not to be afraid of him and to feel comfortable hanging out with him even as they grow older.

“Parang gusto ko best friend din ako ng anak ko. ‘Yung di siya takot sa akin parang kung gusto niya mag-hang out kami kahit ‘pag laki niya di siya maiilang sa akin.”

Hashtag Nikko Natividad is now married with his non-showbiz wife Cielo Mae Eusebio last October 2021.

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