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Jasmine Curtis on KathNiel breakup: if it’s not meant, huwag pilitin

jasmine curtis on kathniel breakup if its not meant huwag pilitin

Artist Jasmine Curtis-Smith responded with laughter, saying, “OMG! Wala ako diyan! Pass!” as she went on to express empathy mentioning the sadness that comes with reflecting on KathNiel’s breakup.

During a press conference for her upcoming film, “A Glimpse of Forever,” under Viva Films, members of the entertainment media couldn’t help but ask about their relationship and Jasmine’s reaction to the recent wave of showbiz breakups.

“Parang, you always hope the best for couples and for people, but, you know, if it’s not meant, huwag pilitin para naman everyone can move on and find what’s best for them,” shared Anne Curtis’s sister.

However, she did admit that she and her boyfriend, Jeff, have their moments of conflict, differing in their styles of resolving issues and problems.

“Siyempre minsan diretso ng tanung-tanong, confront-confront. Pero may mga times that if that doesn’t work, so ako yung nagko-confront, siya yung tahimik, ‘Sige, sige.’”

“Hahayaan niya akong maglabas, kumuda nang kumuda, then hanggang mag-chill na ako, chill na kami pareho, minsan pag-uusapan pa, minsan hindi na kailangan.”

“Kasi parang pareho ng, ‘Gets mo na kung saan ka mali.’ ‘Gets mo na kung saan ka petty.’ Mature enough na tayo to own up, di ba?” she explained

Meanwhile, Jasmine is set to star in the upcoming Viva Films movie “A Glimpse Of Forever” alongside Jerome Ponce and Diego Loyzaga, directed by John Paul Laxamana. 

She teased an intriguing scene in the film where she freely uses strong language, something she can’t do on television.

“A Glimpse Of Forever” is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide starting March 6.

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