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Kathryn Bernardo Stuns Fans in Century Tuna Superbods 2024

kathryn bernardo stuns fans in century tuna superbods 2024

Asia’s Superstar and Box Office Queen, Kathryn Bernardo, continues to shock fans. Just last night at the Manila Marriott Hotel, Kath graced the stage with a dance performance with G-Force.

The actress appeared at last night’s Century Tuna Superbods 2024 event with a sexy dance number choreographed by Georcelle “Teacher Gerocelle” Daba of the prominent Philippine dance group G-Force. 

Since her performance, Kath has been trending online. Netizens have applauded her for her more daring performance, with #KathrynSlaysSuperbodsFinals trending on X (formerly Twitter). Additionally, fans are embracing this era of the actress and are left stunned by her “revenge body.”

Aside from Kathryn Bernardo’s on-stage performance last night, her behind-the-scenes appearances are also taking the internet by storm. 

Fans also noticed that in the public videos of her Century Tuna Superbods performance, her besties were also supportive in the comments. One of the actress’s closest friends left a comment and showed her support.

Besides her dance number, the actress also had a minute to speak at the event. She was asked by host Robi Domingo, “Is it safe to say, Kath that we’re looking at the best version of yourself right now?” and the actress answered, “To be honest, I think I’m a work in progress. Not yet– not yet, but I try to be better every day. But I’m– I just turned twenty-eight, and I feel like, uhm andami pang mangyayari and I’m just open to change and transformation now.” 

Moreover, when asked about her fitness journey, Kath introduced her new fitness trainer, Mauro Lumba. During this segment, she shared, “Of course, the preparation for the body. It took months of preparation ever since I did the TVC (TV commercial). I continued working out with my trainer, which is Mauro Lumba. I think he is here.” and yes, he was in the crowd watching the actress.

Kath even added, “He’s been very patient as well. So, shout out to my trainer!” If the name strikes a bell, Lumba was Century Tuna Superbods’ grand winner with Sara Polverini.

Overall, fans have continued to support Kathryn Bernardo in her solo projects and are in awe of how she grows in her craft and beauty. Watch her performance here: 

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