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Former vegetable vendor and athlete crowned Miss Iloilo 2024

former vegetable vendor and athlete crowned miss iloilo 2024

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Filipino American Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks, who was raised by her grandmother, was crowned Miss Iloilo 2024 on Saturday, January 13.

In addition to several corporate awards, Brooks also received three special recognitions: Best in Swimsuit, Best in Designer’s Fashion Show, and Best in Cultural Costume.

The 22-year-old queen proudly represents not only Leon but also the Filipino American community. In the past, she was a local street vendor, assisting her grandmother in the marketplace.

Upon her victory, Brooks expressed gratitude towards her grandmother, Lola Basing, fondly referred to as the “queen of her heart.” The qualities of diligence and tenacity that Brooks displays were instilled in her by her grandmother throughout their journey together.

“My grandma, I really came from nothing. Someone saw you, someone believed in you, someone encouraged you, someone gave you love without you even asking and once someone did that to you selflessly, you just know that’s a real one. That’s a genuine type of love and when she gave you all those love without me even asking, I know that moment that I knew that I need to return even more of what she gave to me,” said Brooks.

Although Brooks wasn’t raised by parents, her grandmother guided her. She taught Brooks to be strong and to persevere in life, even if they only had each other.

Meanwhile, Brooks’ answer to the final question also touched many women around the country:

“As an Ilongga with a heartfelt beauty, I think one thing that I’m proud of is ever since from the past we’ve always kept the spirit of Dinagyang, we always kept the spirit of pagpalangga, and the food that we have, we are selected as the creative city in gastronomy. It is the reason why this is from our past that we preserve it and we deliver it from right now. And one thing I want to say is, I want women to move forward. Abanse babae! This is something that comes from my heart. I want to empower women. I want to educate and advocate for women from the past and right now. Women could be so much more, we are capable of so much more. Abanse Babae! My name is Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks, and my heart will always beat in Iloilo City!” 

Brooks is not only a beauty queen and vegetable vendor, but she is also an athlete and a student pursuing a career in business marketing.

Her unique blend of intelligence, talent, beauty, and hometown pride sets her apart from the other 14 contestants. Now, she is ready to leave her imprint on the Miss Universe Philippines stage.

Congratulations to Miss Iloilo 2024, Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks!


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