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Fatal ferry collision in Batangas under investigation

fatal ferry collision in batangas under investigation

A collision between a passenger ferry and a water taxi in Batangas resulted in the death of two individuals and injuries to several others on Wednesday, January 31, as reported by PCG.

According to a situation report from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the passenger ferry Ocean Jet 6 was traveling from Batangas to Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, while the water taxi Hop & Go 1 was heading from Puerto Galera to Batangas when the incident occurred.

Captain Jerome Jeciel, the commander of Coast Guard Station Batangas, stated that the captain and one crew member of Hop & Go 1 lost their lives, and two Chinese passengers sustained injuries. 

At the time of the incident, the water taxi was transporting two additional Chinese passengers and one Swedish passenger.

Following the incident happened in Batangas, the two remaining crew members of Hop & Go 1 provided their official statements under oath at the PCG Substation Puerto Galera.

“In total, Hop & Go 1 had four Filipino crew and five foreign passengers on board,” Jeciel said.

Conversely, upon reaching Calapan Port, all 115 passengers and 19 crew members of Ocean Jet 6 were unharmed and in satisfactory physical condition.

“The responding team is towing Hop & Go 1 to Puerto Galera, where its yard is located,” he said.

Medical aid has been provided to the injured passengers, and authorities are in contact with the families of the two Filipino crew members who lost their lives, ensuring coordination during this difficult time.

Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan, the commander of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), has issued a directive for an inquiry into the collision to ascertain the reasons behind the accident.


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