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Dwight Ramos receives hate messages from Japan

dwight ramos receives hate messages from japan

Dwight Ramos recently shared about experiencing hate messages directed towards him while competing in the Japan B.League.

Earlier this month, Ramos shared a screenshot of a message he received following Levanga Hokkaido’s defeat to the Sun Rockers Shibuya.

Ramos received a message alleging match-fixing and using a derogatory term, referring to him as a ‘dirty black monkey.’

“You are the reason why Hokkaido [looks] so idiot and dirty,” read the message. “Your teammate [had] a great game and [thought] about the win, but you don’t.”

“How much [did] you gain from this fixed match? Enough for you to bury your [dead] family. Think like a real man, break your dirty leg and retire,” the user said.

“Stand away from the court, dirty black monkey.”

When asked about his reaction to receiving such messages, Ramos mentioned that the message was a consequence of the events that transpired on the basketball court.

“I just posted it just to show some type of awareness that there’s things happening on the court that carry over to outside the court and I think it just shows that sometimes, people gotta be careful with what happens on the court,” Ramos said in a media availability before the Japan B.League All-Star Weekend.

“It’s more of a breaking point thing because the game was pretty much decided in that last call that I didn’t agree with and I just feel like it was kind of a breaking point to show, of course, these things happen because of what happens on the court and that was the reason behind all that,” he added.

Ramos stated that he is unsure if any actions were taken in response, but he noted that other players also encounter similar types of messages.

“I know when I posted it, there were a lot of people replying to it saying ‘I get the same thing,’ same messages, same things happen. It happens not only to me but a lot of players so that’s why I think the stuff that happens on the court should be taken care of.” he said. 

Ramos served as the captain of the Asia All-Star team during the Asia Rising Stars Game at the B.League All-Star Weekend.


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