Home DTI releases Noche Buena price guide for 2023 

DTI releases Noche Buena price guide for 2023 

dti releases noche buena price guide for 2023

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released a price guide as of November 22, 2023. Check out DTI’s Noche Buena price guide below.

The listed products include: ham, fruit cocktail, “keso de bola”, mayonnaise, sandwich spread, pasta/spaghetti, elbow macaroni, salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and all-purpose cream.

Here is a summary of their prices:

Highest priceLowest price 
Ham Php 898.50Php 169.00
Fruit cocktail Php 293.86Php 57.72
Cheese Php 420.00Php 56.50
Keso de bola Php 435.00Php 211.60
Mayonnaise Php 193.75Php 24.70
Sandwich spread Php 263.60 Php 29.50
Pasta/Spaghetti Php 105.00Php 30.95 
Elbow macaroni Php 124.00Php 23.00
Salad macaroni Php 123.00Php 36.50
Spaghetti sauce Php 103.00Php 39.50 
Tomato sauce Php 92.25Php 15.50
All purpose cream Php 59.95Php 36.50

According to this year’s price guide released by the DTI, over 150 stock keeping units (SKUs) of Noche Buena products have experienced a price increase. The 2023 price guide includes 2024 SKUs from 22 manufacturers, with 83 SKUs (around 35%) having implemented price increases ranging from one to five percent. 

Furthermore, 15% of the SKUs, equating to 37 items, posted a price increase of 6 to 10%. Meanwhile, 13% of SKUs, which amounts to 32 items, posted price increases of more than 10%.

Conversely, the prices of 21 SKUs decreased, while the prices of 34 SKUs remained unchanged.

Nograles reports that price changes for various food products have been minimal. Ham products saw a decrease of up to 12.7% in three SKUs, while others increased by a maximum of 3.7%. Keso de bola decreased by up to 7.8% in five SKUs, with the highest increase at 8.1%. Half of the cheese SKUs increased by at most 5%, while two increased by 13%. In pasta and macaroni, 10 SKUs decreased prices, while another 10 remained unchanged. Fruit cocktail saw increases from 1.3% to 6.4%.

Nograles stated, “There are various reasons for the increase, such as the rising costs of raw materials, packaging materials, labor, power, and distribution, according to the manufacturers.”

DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual clarified that the Noche Buena price guide operates differently from the agency’s suggested retail price (SRP) bulletin.

DTI Northern Mindanao has issued a list of price ranges for Noche Buena items in the Noche Buena Products Price Guide 2023.

See the full price range guide below: 

image 39
Image Courtesy: DTI Region 10/Facebook

DTI encourages Filipinos to practice comparison shopping, inspect product labels, purchase from trusted stores, and look out for discounts, promos, and giveaways.

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