DOH condemns false information on COVID-19 vaccines


The Department of Health (DOH) condemned health professionals “who have been spreading false information regarding life-saving interventions such as COVID-19 vaccines.”

In a statement released Thursday, DOH said the circulating video featuring Dr Romeo Quijano alleging that COVID-19 vaccines are “unsafe” is fake news.

“It is especially irresponsible as the country continues to face the threat of the more infectious Delta variant,” DOH added.

“There is a growing number of real-world evidence globally which have consistently shown that COVID-19 vaccines have led to significant reductions in hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated individuals,” DOH explained. “Moreover, despite increases in COVID-19 cases in these countries, the same rate of increase is NOT seen in hospitalizations and deaths.”

DOH added that “it is irresponsible for media outlets to allow such professionals to use their platforms to spread baseless information that stands to harm Filipinos, especially those who are in the process of deciding to get vaccinated.”


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