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Disneyland opens ‘Frozen’ suites: Price, Features, Promos, and Freebies

disneyland opens frozen suites price features promos and freebies

Disneyland Hong Kong has officially opened their brand new “Frozen Suites – Royal Edition ” for the public, marking the 10th anniversary of one of Disney’s most successful films of all time. 

Unveiled to the global media in time for the grand opening of the world’s first and only “Frozen”- themed parks, the “Frozen” Suites offers a spacious floor area, a luxury in Hong Kong standards. 

The movie-themed suite is a must see for guests who want to have a complete “Frozen” experience. From the film to the theme park, fans will feel the kingdom of Arendalle’s aesthetic appeal right into their rooms.

The Disneyland suites open electronically using a “Frozen”-themed keycard. Upon entering, guests are immediately welcomed  by a small play area for young children to play around, complete with movie-branded board games and toys. 

A figure of Olaf will welcome guests by the left side, in here, guests can brew their own choice of hot drinks and relax in a coach designed to be similar to Kristoff’s sleigh. The living area also connects to the bedroom featuring two family beds: one designated for Anna and another for Elsa, welcoming guests to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Additionally, the suites offer a captivating view of the hotel’s amenities, featuring majestic architecture, meticulously landscaped lawns, and an expansive swimming pool that stretches out to the seas of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. This picturesque scenery provides the ideal backdrop for guests who wish to capture memorable photos for sharing on their social media accounts.

For the suite’s price tag, per night, it is estimated to be at HK$ 10,039 (approximately over P70,000).  A 12-month interest-free installment is also offered for payments made with Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

A night’s stay in the suit comes with additional perks such as:

  • An afternoon tea;
  • A welcome gift set;
  • “A Summer Snow Day Treasure Hunt” game;
  • Premier Access to “World of Frozen”, upon available to the public on November 20; and 
  • Priority reservation for face painting and hair styling inside the theme park.

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