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Claudine Barreto supports niece Julia over issues with Dennis Padilla

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a recently deleted post on Instagram by actress Claudine Barreto, she berates Dennis Padilla (father of Julia Barreto) to “stop” and have compassion for his children amid their long standing family issue.

“Kuya, tama na! Tumigil ka na please! Sumusobra ka na! Maawa ka sa mga bata. Please stop! Mag-usap tayo,” wrote Claudine in the deleted post that included a photo of Dennis Padilla.

The post was in response to the also deleted posts of Dennis Padilla calling out his daughter Julia after her remarks about their strained relationship during her interview with newscaster Karen Davila.

Julia remarked that she is yet to forgive her father after “so much pain over the years.”

Padilla responded that Julia only knows “half the truth.” The actor also called on Davila for an interview to correct the inaccuracies of his daughter’s knowledge of their family’s past. Davila responded over a private message.

No updates have been made about a possible interview.

When asked about the strained relationship between her mother with her sisters Claudine and Gretchen, Julia says she is optimistic about a possible reconciliation.

“I feel like there’s hope. If I’m affected, it’s for my mom because I do know how much love she has for them,” said the young actress.

Marjorie posts an open letter to Julia

Meanwhile, Julia’s mother, Marjorie Barreto, also went to Instagram to show support for her daughter.

“Dearest Jul, I LOVE you with the kind of love that you can trust. Love that you can depend on, and the kind that will protect you and never betray you,” she wrote.

She also mentioned how they are “back in the family bubble shutting off the noise outside.”

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