City Hall urges Kagay-anon business owners to get permit online


Cagayan de Oro City Hall is heavily promoting online transactions not only due to the CCOVID-19 pandemic but also for the public’s convenience, Mayor Oscar Moreno said on Tuesday, January 5.

“[By promoting online transactions] we not only comply with the minimum public health protocols mandating physical distancing and limited, minimal physical contact but we also comply with the [Republic Act 11032] Ease of Doing Business Act, which mandates zero contact [between business applicants and government employees],” Moreno said in Tuesday noon’s press briefing.

January marks the start of the annual business registration and business permit renewal period in the city. During the briefing, Moreno read a text message sent by a business applicant who thanked him and City Hall for their “fast, efficient, and friendly” assistance in securing a new business permit for a business that the applicant is opening at the city’s uptown area.

“You [Mayor Moreno and City Hall] have professionalized public service. Thank you and more power God bless you,” Moreno quoted the applicant’s text message as saying. “I forwarded the text message to several officials including [City Hall Local Investments and Promotions Officer] Eileen San Juan who replied by thanking me for the feedback which is ‘very uplifting’,” Moreno said.

“[By promoting online transactions] we not only comply with health protocols [to protect the transacting public] but we also make it convenient for them to settle their requirements by streamlining the process [through the one-time assessment, one time payment that can be done online],” Moreno said. (Stephen Capillas/City Information Office)

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