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China and Thailand signs mutual visa agreement 

china and thailand signs mutual visa agreement

Thailand and China signed off on a mutual visa agreement at talks between their foreign ministers as the two countries look to boost tourism on Sunday, January 28.

Starting from March 1, the reciprocal visa exemption will be implemented, individuals holding regular official passports and ordinary passports from China and Thailand will be permitted to enter and stay in each other’s country without the need for a visa for a maximum duration of 30 days (with a total stay not exceeding 90 days within a 180-day period).

However, individuals intending to enter each other’s country for purposes such as work, study, news reporting, residence, and other activities that necessitate prior approval and a stay exceeding 30 days must acquire the appropriate visa before entering.

This exemption will commence following the Lunar New Year holiday in February, a period of high outbound Chinese travel, and will be in place in time for Thailand’s Songkran festival in April.

“This agreement is a symbol of our long-lasting friendship, trust and confidence… and helps to stimulate the tourism industry in both countries,” Parnpree said.

Wang welcomed the agreement, saying Thai and Chinese people “are one family.”

Wang emphasized the need for both parties to avoid engaging in zero-sum, win-or-lose political maneuvers in the face of a challenging international landscape. Thailand has consistently maintained a neutral stance in geopolitical conflicts, particularly those involving China and the U.S.

To achieve its goal of welcoming at least 30 million visitors in 2024, Thailand is banking on an increase in Chinese tourists, following a relatively slow recovery in Chinese travel last year. 

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, China accounted for roughly a quarter of Thailand’s total tourist arrivals, which were around 40 million.

Additionally, there is an agreement between China and Thailand to conduct annual consultations between their respective foreign ministers, as disclosed by Parnpree.


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