Home Looking for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing woodcrafts? Check out M’ Siri Home Collections

Looking for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing woodcrafts? Check out M’ Siri Home Collections


Do you have any DIY crafts in mind? Let M’ Siri Home Collections bring them to life!

While plantitas and –titos sprung left and right during the quarantine, consumers fond of wood crafts have lived among us for centuries.

As you may know, along with stone, clay, and animal parts, wood was one of the first materials used by early humans. Today, wood products such as furniture, bookshelves, and much more, are things we see almost everywhere, whether in schools, workplaces, malls, and homes. 

And Cagayan de Oro has its fair share of woodworking businesses. But for those who are looking for specific designs intended for particular usage, these woodworks are being catered by one of the finest wood-crafting businesses in the city—the M’ Siri Home Collections.

From a bookstand…

“It started with a bookstand,” one of M’ Siri Home Collections owners, Mary Lou, recalled. Having a bookstand became a necessity with all the books she needs to study as a law student. And with her innate talent for marketing, Mary eventually ventured into selling book stands and offering customizations to interested clients. Along with her partner, an architect, the two were able to expand from simply accepting orders and meet-ups to renting a shop at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2017—where they could showcase more of their woodcraft products.

…to versatile woodcrafts

The variety of products they offer is so versatile. Besides bookstands, M’ Siri Home Collections has grown to offer various display racks, wooden crates, signages, and eventually expanding more woodcraft items of different sizes. They also supply premium quality trays to one of the known hotels in the city. And yes, as mentioned, they offer customized woodworks.

It is important to note, however, that the customization price may differ from the already on-hand products you see online and may vary according to the design, labour, and materials spent for the project.

Below is the full list of products M’ Siri Home Collections offer.

  • Wood Crafts – can be customized
  • Crates – in different dimensions
  • Display Racks
  • Pot stands and pots
  • Wooden wine boxes, baskets, and more
  • Kraft boxes / Kraft Letters – can be customized
  • Acacia-made products
  • DIY tools (Jute strings, ropes, screws, basic carpentry tools, paints, wood stains, brush, etc.)
  • Painting Canvas
  • Innovative materials such as Alteco adhesive, Alteco paint marker, Techni Ice
  • Oh My Organic Products (Essential oils, candles, etc.)
  • Taghuyan Products (Herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano)
  • Clay Pots
  • Plants
  • Other services include engraving and produce calligraphy works and print stickers on wood

Check out some of their products below.

​​So whether you’re into planting, planning to renovate your room, or want to set up an aesthetically pleasing home office, M’ Siri Home Collections can absolutely provide.

Order TODAY!

For bookings and inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page at M’ Siri Home Collections. You may also reach them via mobile at (+63) 0967 665 1827. They have an active line and customer support from Mondays to Saturdays. – WhatALife.ph

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