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VIRAL: BINI’s Sheena ‘ZOOM’ dance cover impresses hitmaker Jessi

bini sheena zoom dance cover jessi

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — BINI member Sheena Catacutan gives an impression to Jessi with her TikTok video covering the ‘ZOOM’ dance challenge of the hitmaker.

The South Korean rapper gives her comment regarding her performance, “So smooth, girl!”

On April 22, the viral video of Pinoy Big Brother’s former housemate has 18.3 million views and 3.2 million likes on TikTok. 

Sheena, 17, the youngest member of the girl group, uploaded her take on the platform for the hashtag ‘ZoomInZoomOutChallenge’ on Thursday morning, April 21.

The ‘Na Na Na’ performer expresses her admiration for Jessi by replying, “oMGGG HI I LOVE U!!!” to the South Korean star’s comment.

Moreover, Jessi re-posted her video through her Instagram Stories, with fire emojis as her caption.

Sheena also responded by sharing in her Instagram Stories on how her idol mentioned her on both Instagram and Tiktok.

@bini_sheena #zoomchallenge #zoominzoomoutchallenge ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

Dubbed as the “nation’s girl group,” Sheena, Mikha, Jhoanna, Stacey, Gwen, Maloi, Aiah, and Colet will be releasing a follow up to their hit songs “Da Coconut Nut” and “Golden Arrow” with an upcoming summer single entitled “Pit A Pat.”

The Philippines Department of Tourism also invited the girl group to be one of the representatives during the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit held at Philippine International Convention Center in Manila on April 22.

They then expressed their gratitude for being a part of the event with the leaders of Travel and Tourism, who had time to share their vision and approach to ensure the preservation of the planet.

The recent global summit in the country has agendas for topics relating to sustainability on the planet as part of the celebration of Earth’s Day. – WhatALife!

Source: (abs.cbn.com)

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