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Bianca Censori’s raincoat look sparks concern among fans

bianca censoris transparent raincoat look sparks concern among fans

Fans have expressed concern about Bianca Censori after she was spotted wearing a transparent raincoat outdoors on Wednesday, February 7.

She was on her way to a studio recording session with her husband, Kanye West, when she was photographed wearing a transparent raincoat without any clothes underneath.

Censori’s transparent attire featured black lettering on the front, strategically covering some of her chest area, and the presence of buttons along the raincoat somewhat reduced its transparency, although her curves remained clearly visible.

While the lower part of the raincoat lacked branding, she purposefully held her phone in one hand and positioned it over that particular region.

Apart from the raincoat, the Yeezy designer appeared to be wearing only a pair of black knee-high stiletto boots.

Bianca Censori, aged 29, faced the intense storm by pulling up her hood and holding her husband’s hand.

This isn’t the first time Bianca has worn outfits that have attracted attention, as the wife of Kanye often opts for attire that leaves little to the imagination.

During their visit to Florence, Verona, and Rome in 2023, the rapper and his wife made headlines with their unconventional outfit choices, with Kanye frequently spotted barefoot and Bianca often dressed in revealing clothing.

Their actions drew further controversy in Venice when they were accused of engaging in a provocative act on a river boat, with Kanye exposing his bare buttocks while Bianca kneeled in front of him.

The couple’s unusual conduct incited anger from Italian residents, who declared them ‘banned’ from the country, and their actions prompted a police inquiry.

Bianca’s close circle expressed serious concern, asserting that her behavior did not align with her true self but rather seemed to be influenced by Kanye.

One user wrote on X: “I don’t know a ton about these ppl, but Bianca Censori looks so dissociative every time I see her pic, that I want to form a group to rescue her, or something. Her pics do not scream CONSENT, but her blank face is screaming.”

Another commented: “Really doesn’t seem like a healthy relationship.”

An X user highlighted that the rapper is consistently fully clothed while Censori frequently appears partially naked alongside him.

Multiple other users expressed concern for her well-being, with some remarking that her clothing choices were unconventional.


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