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Astranis To Bring Satellite Internet To 2 Million Filipinos

astranis to bring satellite internet to 2 million filipinos

Just recently, San Francisco-based company Astranis signed a deal to provide satellite internet for the Philippines. 

The satellite will launch in 2024 to serve underserved communities in the archipelago. As a result, it could bridge the “digital divide” and add $100 billion to the Philippines’ economic value by the end of the decade.

“They are going to use this capacity to connect hospitals, schools, and other enterprises, as well as set up community Wi-Fi centers,” Astranis CEO John Gedmark told CNBC.

“We estimate that we will get up to 2 million people connected, having access to this broadband internet that they didn’t have before,” Gedmark added.

The Philippines spends the highest amount of time online in the Asia Pacific. However, only some Filipinos use the internet productively for education and employment. Consequently, DICT Undersecretary Jocelle Batapa-Sigue said the country must expand connectivity to encourage more productive internet usage.

Astranis partnered with satellite services provider Orbits Corp, which will purchase capacity with its sister company HTechCorp. The latter is a Philippine internet service provider.

Meanwhile, CEO John Gedmark’s Medium blog says former Congressman of the Philippines, Atty. Augusto Baculio supports his project.

The project plans “to connect unconnected regions, providing them with the tools necessary to thrive in the digital age.” Moreover, Gedmark emphasized his company will provide the country’s first dedicated satellite internet.

His orbital internet will provide reliable to disaster-prone areas like Barangay Caagutayan. Filipinos spend roughly 10 hours online, but most rely on fiber internet.

It relies on microwave towers and cables susceptible to floods and earthquakes. Consequently, Gedmark says only 11,000 of the country’s 42,000 barangays (local communities) have coverage. 

Astranis launched its first satellite in May. It’s currently preparing to launch two more batches of satellites which Astranis calls “Block 2” and “Block 3.” The second block is launching in the fourth quarter and will feature four satellites, one of which is for Peru. While the third block will be launched in mid-2024 and will feature five satellites, one of which is for the Philippines.

Overall, Astranis will be able to “cover the entire Philippines with this one satellite,” Gedmark noted. – WhatALife!/Val

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