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Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey drop powerful “Yes, And?” remix

ariana grande and mariah carey drop powerful yes and remix

Pop royalty Ariana Grande and the legendary Mariah Carey have joined forces once again, remixing her hit single “Yes, and?” featuring Carey’s iconic vocals.

The collaboration, teased earlier through cryptic social media posts, marks the second time the two powerhouse vocalists have worked together. 

The “Yes, and?” remix is a playful and energetic dance track, with Grande’s signature airy vocals seamlessly blending with Carey’s powerful riffs and signature whistle notes. 

The song, originally released last January 12, has gained renewed popularity with the addition of Carey’s distinct voice, generating excitement amongst fans who have long admired the two artists.

Social media has erupted with excitement, with fans praising the collaboration and expressing their admiration for both artists. The hashtag #YesAndRemix quickly climbed the trending charts, showcasing the overwhelming positive response.

The original “Yes, and?” quickly climbed the charts upon its release in January, showcasing Grande’s signature blend of pop and R&B influences. Adding Carey’s legendary vocals to the mix takes the song to a whole new level. 

Grande’s public declaration of “dream come true” on social media reflects the excitement surrounding this collaboration. 

Fans have been brimming with anticipation since the subtle hints dropped by both artists weeks prior. 

The release has garnered immense positive reactions, with many praising the seamless blend of styles, the vocal prowess of both singers, and the playful energy of the remix.

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