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Anne Curtis and Gary Valenciano reaffirm their dedication as National Ambassadors for UNICEF

anne curtis and gary valenciano reaffirm their dedication as national ambassadors for unicef

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Kapamilya celebrities Gary Valenciano and Anne Curtis just renewed their commitments to United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF) ambassadors. 

Recently, on June 1, Gary and Anne signed renewal contracts and agreed to continue their dedication as UNICEF ambassadors. The celebrities also looked forward to continuing their missions with UNICEF Philippines, which Oyunsaikhan Dendevnorov heads. 

On the other hand, Gary had contributed to the organization with his wife Angeli Pangilinan since 1993, just before he became an official ambassador to UNICEF in 1998.

“We would have concerts, there was a time we had the UNICEF greeting cards, special moments where I didn’t get to see the children yet, but I knew we were doing something for them,” Gary said.

Moreover, the actor marks his 25th year in UNICEF as an ambassador and his 40th year as a public figure in the local show business.

“I can only look forward to the many events. I usually go to a place where some disaster has struck. Still, I’m not talking about those where I continue to meet people face-to-face, be able to reach out to them through what I feel is perhaps one of the strongest communication mediums, and that’s music,” Gary added.

Anne stated that educating herself further about children’s rights, the importance of routine immunizations, and, as Gary said, the “matter of children thriving” became a key factor in understanding motherhood.

“Now that I’m a mother, there’s nothing more that I want than for other children to be healthy and happy, ” Anne said. “It’s now relating to mothers and children, letting them know that they aren’t alone in this journey.” – WhatALife/Val

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