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Alert Level 3 Classification IATF Guidelines (As of November 18, 2021)


Cagayan de Oro City is among the 28 areas the Philippines government has placed under the Alert Level 3 classification due to its spiking number of COVID-19 infections.

To recap, below is the Alert Level 3 classification guidelines issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IAFT-MEID), updated from the guidelines released on November 18, 2021.

According to the COVID-19 Alert Level System, Alert Level 3 refers to areas wherein case counts are high and/or increasing. It also pertains to regions with low and decreasing infection count, but the total bed utilization rate and intensive care unit utilization rate is increasing.

Under Alert Level 3, the following protocols must be observed in the area, including:

Intrazonal and interzonal movement will be allowed unless the local government declares otherwise, “which should not be stricter as those prescribed under higher alert levels and subject to the oversight, monitoring, and evaluation” of the local COVID-19 response agency.

  • Establishments and/or activities within the Alert Level 3 area shall not be allowed to operate.
  • Face-to-face or in-person classes for primary education;
  • Contact sports, except for those conducted under a bubble-type;
  • Funfairs/peryas and kid amusement industries such as playgrounds, playroom, and kiddie rides;
  • Venues with live voice (KTV) or wind-instrument performers and audience;
  • Casinos, horse racing, cockfighting and operation of cockpits, lottery and betting shops, and other gaming establishments;
  • Gathering in residences with individuals not belonging to the same household

Exceptions may only be applied if approved by the LGU, IATF, and/or the Office of the President.

Meanwhile, the following establishments and/or activities will be allowed to operate at a maximum of 30 percent indoors for fully vaccinated individuals ONLY and 50 percent outdoors.

  • Venues for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions;
  • Permitted venues for social events;
  • Visitor or tourist attractions;
  • Amusement parks or theme parks;
  • Recreational areas;
  • Cinemas and movie houses;
  • Limited face-to-face or in-person classes for higher education and for technical-vocational educational and training;
  • In-person religious gathering; gatherings for necrological services, wakers, inurnment, and funeral except those who died of COVID-19;
  • Licensure or qualifying examinations;
  • Dine-in services in food preparation establishments;
  • Personal care establishments;
  • Fitness studios, gyms, and venues for non-contact exercise and sports;
  • Film, music, and television production

“Agencies and instrumentalities of the government shall remain to be fully operational and shall adhere to at least 60 percent on-site capacity while applying work-from-home and other flexible arrangements,” it read.

Read the complete document below for your reference.

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