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2024 Teacher’s Salary Grade in the Philippines

LIST Teacher’s Salary Grade in the Philippines

Here is the complete list of the 2024 Teachers Salary Grade in the Philippines.

On January 28, 2020, President Rodrigo Dutete signed the Salary Standardization Law of 2019 or RA 11466. The law dictates salary increases for public teachers scheduled in four tranches, starting from 2020 to 2023. The increases will be per Salary Grade (SG) and Salary Step based on the position.

RA 11466 makes a public teacher’s salary 65 to 87% higher than those in the private sector.

See updated list of Teachers Salary Grade in 2024 below:

NOTE: The third tranche scheduled in 2024 took effect starting January 1, 2022.

Teachers Salary Grade 2024

What is the Salary Grade?

A salary grade (SG) is a number that indicates how much money a government employee receives on a monthly basis.

PositionSalary GradeBasic SalaryFirst Tranche 2020Second Tranche 2021Third Tranche 2022Fourth Tranche 20232024
Teacher 111₱20,754.00₱22,316.00₱23,877.00₱25,439.00₱27,000.00₱0.00
Teacher 212₱22,938.00₱24,495.00₱26,052.00₱27,608.00₱29,165.00₱0.00
Teacher 313₱25,232.00₱26,754.00₱28,276.00₱29,798.00₱31,320.00₱0.00
Master Teacher 118₱40,637.00₱42,662.00₱43,681.00₱45,203.00₱46,725.00₱0.00
Master Teacher 219₱45,269.00₱47,530.00₱48,313.00₱49,835.00₱51,357.00₱0.00
Master Teacher 320₱51,115.00₱53,537.00₱54,251.00₱55,799.00₱57,347.00₱0.00
Master teacher 421₱57,805.00₱60,296.00₱60,901.00₱62,449.00₱63,997.00₱0.00

Teachers Salary Grade 2022 (3rd Tranche Salary Step)

What is the Salary Step?

All newly hired government employees, regardless of salary grade, begin at Step 1, which is the minimum pay rate. Employees advance to the next salary level after three years of continuous satisfactory service in their current positions.

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Teacher 111₱25,439.00₱25,723.00₱26,012.00₱26,304.00₱26,600.00₱26,901.00₱27,205.00₱27,514.00
Teacher 212₱27,608.00₱27,892.00₱28,180.00₱28,471.00₱28,766.00₱29,065.00₱29,367.00₱29,673.00
Teacher 313₱29,798.00₱30,111.00₱30,427.00₱30,747.00₱31,072.00₱31,400.00₱31,732.00₱32,069.00
Master Teacher 118₱45,203.00₱45,706.00₱46,216.00₱46,731.00₱47,254.00₱47,783.00₱48,318.00₱48,860.00
Master Teacher 219₱49,835.00₱50,574.00₱51,325.00₱52,088.00₱52,864.00₱53,652.00₱54,454.00₱55,268.00
Master Teacher 320₱55,799.00₱56,633.00₱57,482.00₱58,344.00₱59,221.00₱60,112.00₱61,017.00₱61,937.00
Master teacher 421₱62,449.00₱63,392.00₱64,351.00₱65,325.00₱66,316.00₱67,322.00₱68,345.00₱69,385.00

Administrative Position Salary Grade 2022

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Head Teacher I14₱32,321.00₱32,665.00₱33,013.00₱33,366.00₱33,722.00₱34,083.00₱34,449.00₱34,819.00
Head Teacher II15₱35,097.00₱35,475.00₱35,858.00₱36,246.00₱36,638.00₱37,035.00₱37,437.00₱37,845.00
Head Teacher III16₱38,150.00₱38,566.00₱38,987.00₱39,413.00₱39,845.00₱40,282.00₱40,725.00₱41,172.00
Principal I19₱49,835.00₱50,574.00₱51,325.00₱52,088.00₱52,864.00₱53,652.00₱54,454.00₱55,268.00
Principal II20₱55,799.00₱56,633.00₱57,482.00₱58,344.00₱59,221.00₱60,112.00₱61,017.00₱61,937.00
Principal III21₱62,449.00₱63,392.00₱64,351.00₱65,325.00₱66,316.00₱67,322.00₱68,345.00₱69,385.00
Principal IV22₱69,963.00₱71,029.00₱72,113.00₱73,214.00₱74,333.00₱75,471.00₱76,627.00₱77,801.00
District Supervisor22₱69,963.00₱71,029.00₱72,113.00₱73,214.00₱74,333.00₱75,471.00₱76,627.00₱77,801.00
Education Supervisor I22₱69,963.00₱71,029.00₱72,113.00₱73,214.00₱74,333.00₱75,471.00₱76,627.00₱77,801.00

Support Staff Position Salary Grade 2022

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Public School Health Nurse14₱32,321.00₱32,665.00₱33,013.00₱33,366.00₱33,722.00₱34,083.00₱34,449.00₱34,819.00
Public School Dentist I16₱38,150.00₱38,566.00₱38,987.00₱39,413.00₱39,845.00₱40,282.00₱40,725.00₱41,172.00
Administrative Aide 11₱12,517.00₱12,621.00₱12,728.00₱12,834.00₱12,941.00₱13,049.00₱13,159.00₱13,268.00

Teachers Bonus and Benefits

Personnel Economic Relief Allowances (Monthly)₱2,000.00
Mid-Year Bonus (May)1-month Basic Pay
Year-End Bonus (November)1-month Basic Pay
Special Hardship Allowance (SHA)25% of monthly salary for a period of ten (1O) months for every fiscal year for qualified personnel
Honoraria for Teaching OverloadMaximum of 25% of the Annual Basic Salary
Representation Allowance and Transportation Allowance (RATA)₱5,000.00 to ₱14,000.00, depending on positions/eligibility
Step IncrementDepending on Salary Grade
Step Increment for Specializing in TeachingScience and/or MathematicsOne-time three (3) salary step increments depending on the salary grade of the teacher
Cash Gift (November)₱5,000.00  (Subject to conditions set by DBM issuance)
Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) [December]₱5,000.00
Loyalty Cash Inventive₱1,000.00 for every year of service of the qualified employee
Transportation Allowance for ALS Teacher (Monthly)₱3,200.00
Teaching Aid Allowance for ALS Teacher (Yearly)₱5,000.00
Cash Allowance (Chalk, Internet & Communication, Teaching Materials, Medical) [Start of School Year]Maximum of ₱5,000.00/school year for eligible classroom teacher
World Teachers Day Incentive (October)₱1,000.00
Performance Based Bonus (PBB)A percentage of salary based on performance ranking if DepEd is eligible for PBB

Due to the current economic downturn, there are skeptics with regards to the wage hike for the next tranche scheduled in 2023. However, DEPED assured the public that there is enough funding for the final tranche scheduled next year.

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