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2 Filipinos arrested in Tokyo

2 filipinos arrested in tokyo

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reported the arrest of two Filipino citizens on Tuesday, January 23, related to the discovery of two bodies in Tokyo.

De Vega confirmed via a text message that the two individuals were arrested under separate circumstances on different dates.

“One Filipina last Friday and one Filipino yesterday. We’re providing them the necessary support,” de Vega stated.

News reports from Japan indicate that Hazel Ann Morales, a Filipina, is under arrest on suspicion of abandoning the bodies of Norihiro and Kimie Takahashi, a Japanese couple found dead in their home with apparent stab wounds.

Cacdac noted that the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) is in communication with Philippine Ambassador Mylene Garcia-Albano to decide the next steps.

The status of Morales, whether she is a migrant worker or a permanent resident in Japan, is not yet clear. However, Cacdac highlighted the constant cooperation between the DMW and the Philippine embassy in handling cases involving Filipinos needing legal aid.

The Japan Times reported that Morales was previously in a relationship with the couple’s son, a resident in his 30s who lived with his parents.

Investigators are probing possible disputes between Morales and the couple to understand the context of their deaths.

The report also suggests that another person may be involved in the incident.

The DMW, working with Philippine authorities, pledged to provide legal aid to Morales.

“We’re prepared to offer legal assistance,” stated DMW officer-in-charge Undersecretary Hans Leo Cacdac.

“We’re working with the Japanese authorities to provide her with legal and other necessary support,” he added.

“We urge the public not to speculate or spread unverified information, as it could potentially harm their position in the legal proceedings. Currently, they have not been officially charged with any crime,” de Vega urged.

During a Bagong Pilipinas briefing on Tuesday, de Vega noted that the Philippine consulate in Japan plans to visit the detained Filipinos.


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