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WATCH: Valorant’s Filipino Agent ‘NEON’ trailer


NEON’s abilities bring ‘run and gun’ to a whole new level

Riot Games has dropped Valorant’s newest Agent, NEON, in an electrifying cinematic trailer on Thursday, January 6.

In the trailer, the Manila-born agent, NEON, is seen unwinding in her bedroom as she checks out the intelligence report given to her by SAGE. We then get a glimpse of what her gameplay might look like and her abilities packed with speed and electricity powers.

What we know so far: NEON will have a sprint and slide ability, electric blue walls that create a path in the middle, a bounce off electric molly that makes some kind of ground effect, and her Ultimate, which seems to be a solid beam of electricity where NEON can run and shoot at enemies.

Riot Games is yet to release an official announcement on the full details of the Filipino Agent.

Watch the trailer below.

Dubbed as Agent 19, NEON, will arrive in the Valorant in its next chapter upgrade—Episode 4: Disruption—next week, along with a whole new battle pass. – WhatALife.ph

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