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Unlock Fun with McDonald’s Pet Simulator Happy Meals

unlock fun with mcdonalds pet simulator happy meals

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Looking for a delightful surprise to brighten your day? McDonald’s has launched an exciting new promotion featuring Pet Simulator Happy Meal toys, starting from May 23. This promotion, which includes an additional Mystery Cat Toy, is sure to add extra fun to any Happy Meal experience.

Excitement with McDonald’s Pet Simulator

The star of this promotion is the chance to get a Mystery Pet with every Happy Meal purchase at McDonald’s. Envision the excitement of finding out which adorable creature will join your virtual pet collection. This latest collaboration is inspired by Pet Simulator 99, the fourth installment of the popular Pet Simulator series by BIG Games on Roblox. In the game, players collect coins and diamonds to unlock powerful pets, making it a hit among gamers.

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Special Surprise for Cat Enthusiasts

There’s something extra special for cat lovers. Look out for the Exclusive Happy Meal Cat, a rare and charming addition to your Pet Simulator collection. This limited-edition toy, with its unique appeal, is sure to capture the hearts of players of all ages. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the McDonald’s Pet Simulator promotion.

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Limited-Time Offer Details

This promotion is only available for a limited time, so visit your nearest McDonald’s restaurant to get your Happy Meal Pet Simulator toys before they run out. Here is the schedule for the toy releases:

  • Week 1 (23 – 29 May): Cat & Kawaii Cat
  • Week 2 (30 May – 5 Jun): Shark & Tiger
  • Week 3 (6 – 12 Jun): Rabbit & Lion
  • Week 4 (13 – 19 Jun): Red Panda & Panda
  • Week 5 (20 – 26 Jun): Parrot & Masked Owl

Each week features new and exciting pets, ensuring that there is always something fresh to look forward to with every Happy Meal purchase. Whether you prefer cats, sharks, rabbits, or pandas, there is a pet for everyone in this delightful promotion.

Collecting McDonald’s Pet Simulator Toys

Collecting McDonald’s Pet Simulator toys is more than just acquiring cute figures; it’s about the thrill of anticipation and discovery. Each toy boasts unique features and characteristics, making them ideal for both play and display. The said Mcdo toys’ promotion is a fantastic chance for fans to expand their collections and enjoy the charming world of Pet Simulator even more.

Double the Fun with Every Happy Meal

To make this promotion even more appealing, McDonald’s is offering not just one, but two Pet Simulator toys with every Happy Meal purchase from now until June 26. This means double the excitement and fun with each meal. Whether you are collecting pets, exploring virtual worlds, or simply enjoying a delicious meal, McDonald’s Happy Meal’s latest Pet Simulator promotion adds a touch of joy to your day.


The McDonald’s Pet Simulator promotion is a delightful way to bring excitement to your Happy Meal experience. With a variety of adorable pets to collect, including the special Mystery Cat Toy, this promotion is sure to captivate fans of all ages. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – head to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and start your Pet Simulator collection today.

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