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Totally Spies are back as high schoolers in 2024 reboot

totally spies are back as high schoolers in 2024 reboot

Our undercover agents from the 2000s are officially back! The World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP) secret agents Sam, Alex, and Clover are returning for a new adventure this time!

In a press release published on April 25, entertainment company Banijay Kids and Family confirmed that Warner Bros. Discovery has acquired the upcoming seventh season of the French animated series “Totally Spies!” Stephane Berry will direct the reboot, who happens to have directed the five previous seasons.

With the show’s return in 2024, “Totally Spies!” will air on Cartoon Network in the United States and on streaming platform Max in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Moreover, the seventh season consists of 26 episodes that will run for 22 minutes each.

“With strong female leads and an aesthetic that has inspired a generation, ‘Totally Spies!’ is an iconic show with a hugely passionate global fanbase, eager to join the agents on their latest adventures,” Banijay Kids & Family CEO and producer Benoît Di Sabatino said in the statement.

Since the show’s premiere in 2001, we’ve witnessed these young girls living in Beverly Hills, California, and eventually embarking on their first adventures in college. However, this new reboot is “updated for a new audience.”

Consequently, we will be following the adventures of Sam, Clover, and Alex as they move to a new city as high schoolers again, fighting against a new set of villains and going through modern plights.

“The new series stays true to all the key elements that make the show so popular, but has been lovingly updated for a new audience, reflecting the modern challenges faced by both high schoolers and spies alike,” Benoît added.

For all gamers out there, we’re also pleased to announce that a new video game based on “Totally Spies” will be launched anytime soon. Just be sure to keep an eye on further updates.

So, are you ready to unveil new faces and new missions? – WhatALife!/Val 

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