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Starlink Releases Starlink Mobility for High-Speed Connection While On-The-Go

starlink releases starlink mobility for great connection along the road

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite-based internet company, has announced a mobile solution today, May 24. Starlink Mobility provides high-speed internet while driving, shuttling, sailing, or otherwise moving across the planet. 

Elon Musk said it works almost anywhere. This is confirmed in the Starlink website, which states customers will get guaranteed full coverage “in your country and even in countries where Starlink service is available.”

“School buses in @CoconinoCounty, Arizona are among the first to use Starlink mobility so students who ride the bus an hour to and from school each day can stay connected and complete their homework,” Starlink added in the Tweet thread.

There are also plans for Starlink to be available for ships with “connectivity available in the vast majority of the Earth’s ocean and seas.”

Starlink is even planning on releasing its service for aviation later in 2023. 

As stated on the website, Starlink Mobility will provide 220 megabits/ second download and starts at P15,394/ month with a one-time hardware fee of P154,942.

The service will be using Starlink’s high-performance hardware, which gives a wider field of view for available satellites.

Starlink states that the new hardware is “rugged enough to withstand rocket landings” since it is already being used to broadcast video of SpaceX satellites landing at sea, proving that the hardware will be strong enough to handle the bumps and wind force of running vehicles.  – WhatALife!/Zain

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