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Singer Gigi de Lana Collapsed Onstage as Band Endures Car Accident Setback

singer gigi de lana faints onstage as band endures car accident setback

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —  In a shocking turn of events during a gig in Ilocos Norte on Sunday, May 14, popular singer Gigi de Lana collapsed onstage, abruptly ending her performance. The incident occurred while she was performing her hit song “Noypi,” leaving fans and onlookers concerned for her well-being.

Video clips captured and shared by content creator Krissy Achino revealed moments of De Lana displaying signs of weakness before losing consciousness. First aid responders immediately rushed to the stage to provide medical assistance to the singer. 

Adding to the already distressing situation, De Lana was seen wearing a cast on her arm during the performance. The band, undeterred by their own misfortune, carried on with the show despite being involved in a car accident earlier in the day. 

Earlier on Sunday, the band’s official Facebook page disclosed that De Lana and other members of The Gigi Vibes band had sustained minor injuries in the accident.

In an official statement, the band reassured fans that no other individuals were involved in the collision and that all related matters had been resolved. Furthermore, they emphasized that prior to their performance, all band members received medical clearance from the Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center Hospital.

The band sustained minor injuries after their van crashed on Sunday as they were traveling from Aurora to Ilocos Norte for the show. 

“Gigi De Lana and The Gigi Vibes were involved in a car accident today at 10:20 am while traveling from the ‘Sulong Aurora Event’ to the ‘Himala Sa Buhangin Event’ in Ilocos Norte. The band members, Jon, Oyus, Mela, Gigi, and four other crew members, sustained minor injuries,” the statement read.

“We hope you understand we need to prioritize Gigi, Oyus, Jon, and our team members’ recovery after yesterday’s unfortunate incident,” the band stated. 

They assured their loyal supporters that they would make up for the cancellation and promised to deliver an extraordinary show in the future. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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