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WATCH: BABYMONSTER Live Reaction on Debut Member Announcement

watch babymonster live reaction on debut member announcement

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — In a Youtube video, YG Entertainment shared the reactions of the members of its new girl group BABYMONSTER during their line-up announcement.

Watch the full live reaction video below:

At the start of the video, the members were sitting in a theater as they watched the video of Yang Hyun Suk, the head producer of YG Entertainment, tasked to announce the final members of BABYMONSTER.

The video showed the live reaction of the members as Yang announced the members one by one. Each girl congratulated one another, while the recently announced official members shed tears of relief. 

Once the five members were announced, the girls tearfully watched the video thinking it was the end. Yang explains his plans in the video, making the viewers think the two remaining girls were eliminated.

Then with a plot twist, Yang revealed that all of the girls are the real debut members of BABYMONSTER.

The girls came together giving a big group hug, crying happy tears as they all have made it through and become part of the group together. 

Towards the end of the video, each member had an interview about their journey and what the future was going to be like for them.

Haram states how she remembers the day when they went to the practice room, and is happy that everyone in the group stayed strong until the end.

Meanwhile, Rora says she is happy that she got to debut with the team members that know her more than anyone.

Asa shares that it is just the beginning and she will be working even harder from now on.

On the other hand, Pharita states that she is looking forward to the future of the group and wants to provide great music and music videos.

Ahyeon says that through the team of BABYMONSTER, she gets to be the person who will stand on stage, and thanks her other members to make this possible.

Chiquita, meanwhile, shares her dream of performing in Coachella. To achieve this, she has been working hard taking rap lessons and promises to be a good rapper.

Finally, Ruka thanks the people for the support and says that she wants to be a top artist and pay back the love and support she has received.

The video ends with the members lined up holding hands saying “BABYMONSTER, fighting!” –WhatALife!/Zain

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