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SIM Card Registration Deadline Extended up to 90 days

sim card registration deadline extended up to 90 days

Is the SIM card registration deadline extended? YES! Find out more about the extension below:

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla announces that the government has decided to extend SIM card registration for up to 90 days.

Remulla’s announcement was shared on Twitter by GMA News Correspondent Ian Cruz.

“BREAKING: Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla announces the 90-day extension of SIM registration before the start of the 4th Inter-agency meeting on the Oriental Mindoro oil spill,” he wrote.

“There’s a 90-day extension,” Remulla said.

As stated in the SIM Card Registration Act, the deadline for sim registration is on April 26, 2023. However, according to the latest data provided by the National Telecommunications Commission on its official website, only 49 percent or 82 million of the 168 million SIM cards have been registered.

Telecommunications companies such as Globe, Smart, and DITO have previously requested an extension for SIM registration due to concerns about subscribers having no valid ID.

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Source: (NTC)

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