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Sadako Yamamura: ‘The Ring’ Main Antagonist, a Youtuber

sadako yamamura is on youtube

AH! Sadako is online!

The main antagonist Sadako Yamamura of the adapted Japanese film from the 1991 novel of Koji Suzuki entitled ‘The Ring’ is now a Youtuber.

The famous and known vengeful spirit who many of us know from back in the day, Sadako, has created an official YouTube channel named ‘貞子の井戸暮らし,’ which translates to ‘Sadako’s Life In A Well.’ The launching of her YouTube channel was last March 5, 2022. In Sadako’s YouTube channel, she makes video content that makes the viewers get to know her more. 

On one of her YouTube videos, she did a question and answer portion where she answered 100 questions from her fans. 

Sadako Yamamura shared her favorite book, movie, and even her favorite manga to her fans and viewers. 

Sadako uploaded her favorite memories on Youtube. She even shared a video showing her throwing the first pitch at a baseball game in Japan. 

‘The Ring’: The ‘Dead By Daylight’ Feature On the Upcoming Chapter

The terrifying main antagonist of the novel series of Koji Suzuki will be featured in the upcoming chapter of a survival horror game this coming March 2022. The ‘Dead By Daylight’ chapter 23 is a chapter for its collaboration with ‘The Ring.’

The survival horror game already featured some legendary horror characters. ‘Dead By Daylight’ includes characters from the scary movies The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween.

The producer of ‘Sadako 3D’ and ‘Sadako 3D 2,’ Reiko Imayasu, expressed his excitement for the collaboration to the ‘Dead By Daylight’ saying, that he will send the best haunting characters to give horror that would make the viewers tremble in fear. – WhatALife!

Source: (kotaku.com)

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