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PSA Region7 Official Facebook Page Hacked

psa 7 official facebook page hacked

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Philippine Statistics Authority-Central Visayas (PSA 7) announced that their official Facebook Page had been hacked in a separate Facebook account to advise netizens. 

The notorious breach of the organization’s official Facebook page also caused them to issue a public advisory through their new page titled “Philippine Statistics Authority – Central Visayas” on Monday, informing the public of the situation.

In the post, it was stated that PSA 7 does not have access to their account. The issue was already reported to Meta, Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), and other agencies. 

Director Ariel Florendo of PSA 7 told the public not to share any posts from their hacked Facebook page to not cause confusion among other social media users. 

They urged the users to report and unfollow the hacked account.

The hacking of the website was announced on Monday, July 24, as it posted a reel of several men vaping inside a car on the official Facebook page. 

There were other random posts, including photos of random women and shared reels from other pages. 

The hacker also posted statements saying “You Like Me??” and “No one loves me why.” The profile picture of the page was also updated twice to a picture of a woman. 

PSA has dropped a new Facebook page link for netizens to use their service and inquiries to avoid interacting with the hackers. 

If you need help with PSA, make sure to use this link that they provided. www.facebook.com/PSA07govphofficial

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