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Melai Cantiveros Shares Hilarious Bisaya Misunderstanding in Manila

melai cantiveros shares hilarious bisaya misunderstanding in manila

In an interview with Kapamilya Kingdom by ABS-CBN Entertainment, Melai Cantiveros shared a hilarious moment from her early days in Manila, highlighting the challenges she faced as a Bisaya speaker adjusting to Tagalog.

During the interview, Melai was asked if she had any difficulties with language when she first moved to Manila. She responded with a memorable story about a misunderstanding that occurred during her first taxi ride in the city.

“Marami talaga,” Melai began. “Nasama ko nga dito sa usapan nga namin, ‘yung parang… ‘nalibog’ sa taxi.”

She explained that during her first time in Manila, she got into a taxi and instructed the driver, “Kuya, liliko diyan kuya.” The driver, confused, asked, “Ha? Saan ba dito?”

Frustrated and trying to clarify, Melai said, “Kuya, nalibog na ako sayo.” In Bisaya, “nalibog” means confused, but in Tagalog, it has a very different and inappropriate meaning.

The driver, taken aback, thought Melai was saying something offensive and responded, “Ang pangit ng mukha nito, nalibog sa akin?” This added to the confusion and embarrassment.

Melai clarified, “Kasi ang ‘nalibog’ sa Bisaya [ay] nalito!” Laughing, she added, “Parang natakot ‘yung driver uy.”

Hosting ABS-CBN’s First Mainstream Bisaya Talk Show

This humorous anecdote is a perfect lead-up to Melai Cantiveros’ latest venture as the host of ABS-CBN’s first mainstream Bisaya talk show, “Kuan on One.” Starting July 2, viewers can catch Melai bringing her unique brand of humor and heartwarming stories to the show, streaming on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and iWantTFC. Melai expressed her excitement for this new platform, which aims to highlight the inspirational and successful stories of celebrities using the Visayan language.

“Kini ang talk show na para sa mga Bisaya ug mga Bisaya at heart,” she said in the show’s full trailer. Melai emphasized that “Kuan on One” is not only a space for Bisaya celebrities to share their stories but also a way for viewers in Visayas and Mindanao to feel seen and heard through relatable experiences. “It’s all about happiness. Dito talaga iiyak ka sa tawa. Relaxation nalang nila ‘yung interview na Bisaya,” she explained during her media conference.

Over the course of 13 episodes, viewers will enjoy Melai’s candid conversations with guests like Kim Chiu, Maymay Entrata, BINI members Aiah and Colet, Sheryn Regis, Vivoree, Jason Dy, and Christian Bables, discussing a range of topics in their vernacular, promising a show filled with joy and laughter.

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