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Alexa Ilacad Stands Up to Body-Shaming on Instagram

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It’s one thing to offer constructive feedback, but another to be outright rude. Alexa Ilacad recently drew this line clearly when responding to a body-shaming comment on her Instagram.

The 24-year-old actress received an unkind comment that said, “Ang ganda mo pero may something talaga sa katawan mo na mejo off” (You’re beautiful, but there’s something off about your body). Alexa didn’t hesitate to respond, firmly shutting down the unsolicited remark. She educated the commenter on body positivity, emphasizing that everyone’s bodies are unique and that body shaming is unacceptable, especially on her page. “It’s 2024, and you’re still unaware that our bodies come in different shapes, sizes, and proportions? I suggest you hit the books before making such ‘off’ comments,” she retorted.

The exchange didn’t end there. The commenter defended their statement, even suggesting Alexa leave the entertainment industry if she couldn’t handle criticism. “It’s 2024, and it seems you only want comments that aren’t ‘off’ to you? You shouldn’t be in showbiz if you can’t handle the truth,” they replied.

Alexa knew the commenter wasn’t open to understanding her point. She replied one last time, “Being a celebrity doesn’t give you a free pass to be rude,” concluding the discussion.

To further address the situation, Alexa shared a screenshot of the exchange on her Instagram story. She reiterated that her job as an actress involves performing and entertaining people, not tolerating rude comments. “Constructive criticism, I accept with an open heart, but this? Nah. Such a toxic mindset,” she expressed.

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Alexa has always been outspoken against toxic behavior. In a previous incident, she responded to a comment criticizing her clothing choices, stating, “No, we get harassed because people like you are disrespectful.” She argued against the notion that harassment is justified by how someone dresses, calling it “shallow thinking.”

In addition to dealing with online negativity, Alexa has openly discussed her struggle with body dysmorphic disorder, a condition that distorts one’s self-perception. In an April 2023 interview, she shared, “I don’t really see myself in a good light. I don’t like what I see in the mirror.”

Alexa advocates for body positivity and kindness towards those struggling with self-image. “Every body is different. Let’s think kinder thoughts and remember our bodies are our vessels, doing everything to keep us alive. That is enough to be thankful for,” she said.

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