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Maine Mendoza Shares Profile of Basher Who Insulted Her on X

maine mendoza shares profile of basher who insulted her on x

Maine Mendoza didn’t back down from a basher who cursed her on X (formerly Twitter). On June 11, 2024, Maine shared her random thoughts on X about people falling ill. She urged everyone not to remove their face masks when taking photos with celebrities. According to Maine, many public figures continue to wear masks even in selfies for their protection, not just to avoid recognition. They might also be feeling unwell and don’t want to spread or contract any illness.

Maine said, “Random thought dahil ang daming may sakit ngayon. People should stop asking anyone to take off their masks when posing for a photo. Some public figures wear masks in public for reasons beyond just avoiding recognition. Sometimes, some individuals opt to wear masks because they are unwell and prefer not to risk contracting or spreading a virus. Ang hirap magtrabaho nang masama ang pakiramdam kaya ingat always, fam.”


Many netizens responded with “stay healthy” messages for Maine. However, one netizen suddenly commented, “Putng Ia Mo*”. 

Maine screenshot the comment, including the fact that the basher had blocked her, and shared it on X. She called the X user “Roldan” and said, “bakit parang kasalanan ko roldan”. 

She also posted a screenshot of the netizen’s description of themselves, which read, “I am Not A Perfect Person, But I Know How To Respect.” Maine highlighted the phrase “But I Know How To Respect.” 

Meanwhile, one follower made a joke out of Roldan’s comment. They shared the same screenshot of Maine’s post and added “po” to the basher’s comment, saying, “ayan na respectful na si roldan.” Many netizens found this post amusing as well. As of press time, Maine has not posted any further messages about the basher.

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