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How to Apply for Jollibee Crew as a Part-time Job

how to apply for jollibee crew as a part time job

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Jollibee, a beloved fast-food chain in the Philippines, offers part-time job opportunities for students and those seeking flexible work schedules. To become a part-time crew member at Jollibee, you must meet certain requirements and follow a specific application process. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the steps involved in applying for a part-time job at Jollibee and the requirements you need to fulfill.

Jollibee’s Employer Brand

Jollibee differentiates itself as a Filipino brand going world-class, upholding excellence in everything it does, with a strong family culture. As an organization, Jollibee encourages its employees to “Beelong to Excel, Beelong with Pride, Beelong with Jollibee.” The brand name Jollibee was initially coined to denote bees working together happily to produce the sweetest honey. Jollibee’s employer brand is “Beelong,” emphasizing employees working together happily to produce the best results and finding the belongingness they desire within the Jollibee family.

Requirements to Be a Part-time Crew Member

To be eligible for a part-time crew position at Jollibee, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old: Applicants must have reached the age of majority to work at Jollibee, ensuring they can handle the responsibilities of the job.
  • High school graduate or equivalent: A high school diploma or its equivalent is required to demonstrate a basic level of education and competency.
  • Possesses good communication and customer service skills: Excellent communication skills are essential for interacting with customers and team members effectively.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment: Jollibee is known for its busy and dynamic atmosphere, so candidates must be able to thrive in such an environment.
  • Flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays: Part-time crew members must be willing to work during peak hours, which often include weekends and holidays.
  • For working students, a valid student ID or enrollment form: Jollibee accommodates working students, but they must provide proof of enrollment to ensure they can balance work and studies effectively.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for a part-time job at Jollibee:

1. Gathering Necessary Documents

To apply for a part-time job at Jollibee, you’ll need to prepare the following documents:

  • Updated resume.
  • Valid identification (e.g., passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID).
  • Any certifications or qualifications related to the job.
2. Visiting Jollibee’s Official Channels

Visit the Jollibee website or a nearby branch to obtain specific requirements for part-time job applications. You may also inquire about job openings and the application process.

3. Completing the Application Form

Fill out the application form accurately and completely. Provide all the requested information, including personal details, work experience, and educational background.

4. Attaching Required Documents

Attach all necessary documents to your application form, including photocopies of certifications or supporting materials that may enhance your application.

5. Submitting Your Application

Submit your application either online through Jollibee’s official website or through these contact details: 

careers_storeops@jws.com.ph (for Store Operations openings)

careers_mainoffice@jws.com.ph (for Main Office openings)

You may also submit your documents in person at the designated Jollibee branch or recruitment office. If applying in person, dress appropriately and be prepared for any preliminary interviews.

6. Waiting for a Response

After submitting your application, wait for a response from Jollibee. The waiting period may vary depending on the number of applicants and the specific hiring process of the company.

7. Preparing for the Interview

If you are shortlisted for an interview, prepare by researching Jollibee as a company and understanding its values and goals. Practice common interview questions, dress appropriately, arrive on time, and be confident. Ask questions during the interview to show your interest in the role and the company. This preparation will help you make a positive impression and increase your chances of being selected for the position.

8. Attending the Interview

Attend the interview with confidence and professionalism. Highlight your skills, experiences, and why you are interested in working for Jollibee.

9. Accepting the Job Offer

If you are successful in the interview process, Jollibee may offer you a position and provide you with an employment contract. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing and accepting the job offer. Pay close attention to details such as the job title, salary, working hours, benefits, and any other important provisions outlined in the contract. If you have any questions or concerns about the contract, do not hesitate to seek clarification from the hiring manager or human resources department. Once you are satisfied with the terms, you can formally accept the job offer and look forward to joining the Jollibee team.

10. Completing Additional Requirements

Finally, complete any additional requirements or pre-employment procedures that Jollibee may require, such as medical examinations or training programs.

Final Thoughts

Working part-time at Jollibee can be a rewarding experience, offering valuable skills and a chance to be part of a well-loved brand. By meeting the requirements and following the application process, you can increase your chances of securing a part-time job at Jollibee and gaining valuable work experience. Remember, in Jollibee, you beelong.

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