LTFRB X issues revised guidelines for public transportation during MECQ in Cagayan de Oro City


Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Region 10 issued revised guidelines for the operation of public utility vehicles (PUV) operating in Cagayan de Oro City on Tuesday, June 1.

The circular came after the placement of the city under MECQ until Jun 15.

Under tthe Regional Circular No. 2021-00, “passenger load shall not exceed 50 percent or half of the PUV’s original seating capacity.”

Moreover, “operators are directed to install impermeable plastic barriers between rows of seats that are less than one meter apart if they wish to maximize 50 percent passenger load.”

LTFRB noted that “plastic barriers should be firmly installed between seats” to refrain it from moving and/or flapping on the skin, faces of passengers sitting insider the PUV.

Lastly, LTFRB is set to “strictly implement” the following “seven commandments” observed inside PUVs:

  1. Always wear face masks and face shields;
  2. Talking and using cellphones inside the PUVs are not allowed;
  3. Eating is not allowed;
  4. Proper ventilation (turn off air-conditioner and open windows whenever possible);
  5. Frequent disinfection of PUVs;
  6. Symptomatic passengers must not be allowed to board the PUV; and
  7. Follow the physical distancing protocol of one seat apart

LTFRB also stated that “only APORs identified by the IATF will be allowed to essential travel.”

“Deliberate failure to comply with any of the provisions herewith shall be constructed as a violation,” it added.

Read the full document below.

Source: LTFRB X
Source: LTFRB X

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