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Kit Harington main star of latest Marvel’s Eternals trailer


Marvel dropped a new trailer for Eternals, and boy is it juicy! Kit Harington’s character is the star of the upcoming film’s nearly three-minute final trailer.

The Game of Thrones star plays Dane Whitman, known as Black Knight. Additionally, according to the comics, he’s a sword-wielding horseman.

The Eternals movie is set five years after the Blip. It’s the in-universe term for the return of half the population after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

It seems that Harington’s Dane Whitman is one of the latest Eternals to join the crew. The team has seven days to save the world from something they call “the emergence.” Ajak (Hayek) calls it that while a seaside cliff does a body roll, crashing into the turbulent sea. Sounds serious!

Harington is only one of the star-studded cast alongside Angelina Jolie herself. Also in the main cast are Salma Hayek (Bliss), Kumail Nanjiani (Stuber), Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians), and Ma Dong-seok (Train to Busan).

The Eternals — which Kit Harington’s character joins — are a race of superhuman people. The mysterious yet gigantic Celestials created 100 Eternals, giving them superpowers. When Eternals die, they get reborn again, keeping their number steady. They live their lives protecting humanity from another race called Deviants. Later in the trailer, we see one monstrous Deviant fighting one of the main cast, having emerged from the water.

One notable thing is that Thanos, the purple guy from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, is also part Deviant! This calls into question why the Eternals did nothing while the rest of Earth’s superheroes fought them off. Thanos won, and he cut the population in half. Earth’s heroes needed a timey-wimey fix to save the day.

Late spoiler alert much? Whoops. Well, whatever the case, it seems like Kit Harington and the rest of the cast will show us a rip-roaring time.

The Eternals is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. It’s the 26th film in the powerhouse series. Marvel’s Eternals release date is November 5, 2021.


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