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Instagram rolls out Close Friends Feature on Posts and Reels

instagram rolls out close friends feature on posts and reels

Instagram has officially added support for the “Close Friends” list to Reels and Posts which was originally for Instagram Stories only.

“Sharing with your Close Friends is now expanding to Feed and Reels. More types of posts with the same smaller group,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated on his Instagram broadcast channel. This helps users create a small list of followers who can view their stories. Now, all users can share even more of their content towards a limited audience. 

This shift also introduces the platform to see a bigger emphasis on messaging and group engagement options. The recently launched “Close Friends” feature on Instagram introduces an intriguing dynamic, as users explore and adapt to the latest updates. It will be fascinating to observe how individuals tailor their future posts to cater to more intimate and exclusive groups.

With Instagram’s latest updates, users will have the option to select  the audience under their posts through the Audience tab right before they share their post or reel. Within the tab, users can opt for everyone under the follower’s list or close friends only. There is no limit on setting up the number of people that can be added onto the list. 

Having been around since 2015, “Finsta”, short for “Fake Insta”, has rose to fame in 2021. In “Finsta,” users would dump their non-aesthetic and non-curated posts intended for their real-life close friends to see. It is simply described as a less-edited version of someone’s Instagram account. 

Over the years, the Meta-owned company has undergone background work in improving their platforms’ content sharing and other features such as multiple audience lists, collaborative carousels, public collection, and tagging an entire group with one click.

In addition to these recent updates, Instagram has also launched a separate app called Threads on July 5th of 2023,  the app serves the premise of “sharing text updates and joining public conversations.”

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