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Hulu Documenting the Ashley Madison Scandal from 2015

hulu documenting the ashley madison scandal from 2015

A cyber-attack uncovered the hidden truths of millions of users of Ashley Madison, a website that was advertised as a protected place for cheating and a private platform for connecting married individuals who were seeking new partners. The attack revealed their deepest secrets.

In 2015, hackers leaked the data of 36 million Ashley Madison users across 46 countries, showing people’s names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and more. 

The information leak exposed large amounts of high-profile users, from stars to clergy. This fallout led to several divorces and reports of suicide. 

No one was charged with the data breach eight years after the incident. 

Hulu is bound to show the drama in a series titled “The Ashley Madison Affair” premiering on July 7.

The website was launched in 2001 for those who wanted to be unfaithful discreetly. Male members paid to send messages to women who signed up for free. The website encouraged adultery, and the unapologetic CEO Noel Biderman caused a stir with this website. 

One advertisement used a photo of Hillary Clinton with the text, “New Adventures. Start with AshleyMadison.com,” while another showed wedded couples as zombies going through marriage, showing the bad parts of marriage. 

“Our approach to creating ads was more for the shock value, and the crazier they were, the better.” Chris DeChamplain, a former employee, says in the docuseries.

The company came to a shock when hackers leaked information about users in 2015. A hacking group called “Impact Team” released a statement and told the Ashley Madison owner to delete the website in 30 days or they would release user information.

After Ashley Madison had not made a move, the hackers then released all information and published 9.7 gigabytes of data from 36 million users. 

There were credit card histories, including 15,000 government email addresses.

Hackers even said that the female profiles were fake, so men were lied to when paying the Ashley Madison website their money as they were trying to have an affair with someone that does not even exist. – WhatALife!/Zain

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