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How to register for a CleanCamiguinQR Code in 2022

cleancamiguin qr code

LGUs around the nation have adopted QR codes to record the flow of people going in and out of the cities. Some municipalities famous for their tourist spots have taken advantage of this process to keep track of their tourists and enhance their experience during their visit. With that said, how do you register for a QR code when visiting Camiguin?

Obtaining CleanCamiguin QR code

The CleanCamiguin Campaign is an initiative by the Camiguin LGU to properly keep track of the movements of people entering and leaving Camiguin. It was done to minimize the number of infections during the pandemic. Now, the QR code is required to record the data not only for its residents but to also accommodate and facilitate the tourists entering Camiguin.

To start, visit the official CleanCamiguin QR code login page: https://cleancamiguinqr.com/

The following images will explain how to get the CleanCamiguin QR:

Creating an account for the CleanCamiguin Campaign will give you your QR code. Moreover, if you plan to visit Camiguin, you can use this account to book your travel.

This October 25, Camiguin will hold their 43rd Lanzones Festival, register now so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Traveling To Camiguin

The nearest port to Camiguin’s Benoni port is the Balingoan port, located at the Municipality of Balingoan. If you are at Cagayan de Oro City, shuttle vans offer a complete trip from CDO to Camiguin using the Philippine Nautical Highway. 

If you wish to ride a bus, the fare will depend on whether or not you are riding an air-conditioned bus. It can be up to ₱ 250 for air conditioned buses and less for non-air conditioned buses.

As for the boat ride, there is a schedule of boat departure times here. In addition, here is the boat fare from Balingoan to Benoni:

For the Vehicle fare:

The Majestic Camiguin Island

The bountiful Camiguin island is a top-rated destination for foreign and local tourists. Beautiful beaches line up their shores, and their picturesque volcanoes emanate a sense of majesty. Not to mention their famous hot springs that relax your muscles and cold springs for comfort on hot summer nights.

Camiguin is a small volcanic island between Majacalar and Gingoog Bay in the Bohol Sea. They celebrate the Lanzones festival every October, a four-day grand celebration to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. The celebration includes street dance competitions, trade fairs, pageants, and cultural shows.

Camiguin offers plenty of ways to enjoy during your visit! Most recreational activities in the water include swimming, diving, snorkeling, banana boats and many others. You can also enjoy the scenic views of Camiguin by hiking on its mountainous paths. 

Investigating old church ruins and their rich history is the perfect way to get a glimpse of the past. Moreover, they also have an underwater cemetery with its ominous cross jutting out just a few meters off the shore. 

Here are some of the places where you can enjoy Camiguin the most:

Mantigue Island 

When visiting Camiguin, you don’t want to miss this island. Mantigue is a 30-minute boat ride away from the main island. When you arrive near the island at the perfect time, beautiful corals and colorful fishes are visible from the boat. 

Don’t jump off the boat immediately when you arrive at the shore. Make sure to

have footwear since sea urchins live nearby. During low tide, the corals and fishes are accessible, and clownfish and sea horses are the famous inhabitants of the area, not including starfishes of various sizes and sea urchins the size of your fists.

Ardent Spring 

At the foot of Mt. Hibok Hibok lies the Ardent Spring. Having both cold and hot springs, they pride themselves on the relaxing environment surrounding them. Lush jungle trees and wild plants are seen all around the area. The mating calls of a diverse number of birds, mixed with the sounds of flowing water, are music to the ears. 

The hot spring itself is also, well, hot. Residents claim that it used to be so hot that they used to cook their eggs and rice using spring water. Nowadays, the water is still hot, though not enough to cook with, just enough to release the fatigue on your body.

Tuasan Falls 

It’s a natural waterfall approximately 20 meters in height. The water flow is strong, though not strong enough to drag you down the rapids. In addition, a small pool has formed around the falls where you can enjoy the flowing waters and their cooling effects. 

If you are worried about having your clear skin damaged by the sun’s glaring UV rays, worry not! The waterfall is surrounded by plenty of tall trees that provide shade around you.

Macao Spring 

Macao is a cold spring famous for its depth and relaxing atmosphere. A big tree sits near the pool, providing shade, and the cold breeze from the mountains will surely make you shiver if the spring is not chilly enough for you. 

Chill your refreshments at the poolside and enjoy your food as you gaze at the area’s natural landscape. Meditate while listening to the sound of rustling leaves and the songs of cicadas.

Visit Camiguin today! – WhatALife!/Vaughn

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