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How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account 2024 (Even without an ID)

how to recover disabled facebook account 2024 even without an id

Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives, which explains why many users worry whenever their accounts are disabled. The site has to take necessary actions against suspicious activities. This would result in various losses and disheartening experiences. This guide will help you explore how to recover a disabled Facebook account.

What Causes an FB Account to be Disabled

Facebook, being the largest social media platform, is no stranger to concerning online activities. It is because of these activities that the platform provided various policies and suspended accounts that violated their conditions. 

If you happen to notice your account being disabled, it may be because of the following:

  • Violation against Facebook Community Standards – These actions include posting hate speech, bullying users, harassment, and posts that show nudity or violence.
  • Suspicious account activities – These activities include sending too many friend requests or messages in a short time or uploading posts that contradict previous activities.
  • Sharing illegal content – This includes sharing content that promotes drug use, pyramid schemes, crimes, or other bitter actions. 
  • Engaging in malicious activities – Online actions such as spam, phishing, or other actions that will compromise the platform’s integrity.

It is important to note that Facebook has to deactivate accounts in order to maintain a safe and friendly online environment for all users. 

Recovering a Disabled Facebook Account

There are two methods on how to recover a disabled Facebook account:

Reactivating Your Account On Your Own Accord

If you happen to deactivate your Facebook account of your own free will, you may be able to reactivate it through the following steps:

  1. Log back into your Facebook account through the mobile app or website. You can reactivate your account if the delete request was made less than 30 days ago.
  1. A pop-up informing your account’s deletion schedule. Click “Cancel Deletion”.

Appealing to Facebook

There are times when it is the platform that deactivates your account. If you feel that your account was disabled by mistake, you can request the changes on Facebook. To achieve this, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. The official appeal form will be redirected to your email. You may also visit the appeal form through the Facebook Forum. 
  1. Type in the email address and phone number that was used to log in to your account.
  1. Enter your name that matches the name on your account.
  1. Upload a photo of your ID that validates your identification. Accepted IDs include:
  • Driver’s license.
  • Passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  1. Provide details of your circumstances under “Additional Info” on why you believe your account is deactivated by mistake. 
  1. Click “Send” and wait for further responses from Facebook. You may keep an eye on your email inbox regarding the appeal’s progress.

Recovering a Disabled Facebook Account without an ID

There is an alternative approach on how to recover a disabled facebook account without an ID. Under this step, it is almost the same as sending an appeal form to Facebook. The slight difference is that instead of uploading any IDs, you need to put further details under “Additional Info.” 

The additional details can be the following:

  • Email address and phone number associated with your account, and
  • Past activity history.

Furthermore, you can ask your mutual friends to vouch for you. However, these steps would be more challenging as the platform relies on official IDs for specific verification processes.

Tips and Precautions To Avoid Further Matters

Here are some helpful tips to avoid your Facebook account from being marked for suspension.

  • Follow community standards and terms of service.
  • Keep your information up-to-date.
  • Update your login email and phone number regularly.
  • Be active on your account when necessary.

You can also reach out to the official Facebook Help Center and inquire by typing “how to recover my disabled Facebook account.”

Closing Thoughts

There are several methods on how to recover a disabled Facebook account to ensure a secured way to address the matter. Access to these steps also provides users ease of mind when they seek a way to log back in and post their favorite activities. Don’t forget to visit Facebook’s Help Center for more details about disabled accounts. 

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