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BINI’s Aiah Arceta Addresses Privacy Invasion: “Respect Us as Human Beings”

bini aiah arceta addresses privacy invasion

Last July 7, 2024, Aiah Arceta of BINI addressed an encounter during her trip to Cebu via her Instagram Stories. The incident garnered attention after a video surfaced on social media, showing a man approaching her inside a bar. In her statement, Aiah highlighted the ongoing issue of people failing to respect her privacy during personal time.

Clarifying Fan Interactions on Social Media

Aiah took to social media again to further clarify her stance on fan interactions. On X, she explained that while she enjoys fulfilling fan requests, there are certain situations where personal space is necessary. “I noticed a lot of people are upset with my previous statement. I have no issues with taking photos and meeting fans, but there are moments when personal space is crucial, not just for me, but for everyone,” she said.

Aiah expressed her frustration, saying, “I’m sorry if asking for a little privacy feels like too much or if people think I should just deal with it. However, when your friends are sent to the ER, it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook and pretend everything is okay.”

She also shared a friend’s tweet that stated she was “disrespected inappropriately” and detailed several instances of “blatant unprofessional behavior,” including a nurse requesting a photo in the hospital.

In her initial statement on July 7, Aiah spoke about an uncomfortable encounter with a man, later identifying him as AJ Fernan, at a bar in Cebu. “I wanted to speak up about my recent trip to Cebu, where I hoped to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. While I was happy to bond with them, there were still moments when people didn’t understand the need for privacy,” Arceta said.

Plea for Respect and Privacy

She explained that people would run up to her and take photos without consent. She also stressed that they post them in real-time, and sometimes include her location, which she felt was unsafe. Despite enjoying taking photos with fans, Aiah emphasized the need for respect and privacy.

“We haven’t been able to go out much due to our busy schedules, and all we ask is for others to respect our personal time and humanity,” she said. BINI’s manager, Laurenti Dyogi, and Star Magic later released statements, calling for respect for the girl group.

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