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CHED Scholarship 2024-2025: Application, Requirements and more!

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Open to applicants from authorized public or private colleges, universities, and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), the CHED scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. The CSP 2024 continues this mission, offering Full Merit and Half Merit scholarships to ensure equitable access to education for underprivileged students.

How to Apply CHED Scholarship

All incoming college freshmen are invited to apply to the CHED Scholarship Program 2024. The following are the qualifications to be eligible to the application:


  1. Must be a Filipino citizen;
  2. Graduating high school student or high school graduate with a General Weighted Average (GWA):
  • For Full State Scholarship Program (FSSP) and Full Private Education Student Financial Assistance (FPESPA), GWA must be 96% or above.
  • For Half-SSP and Half-PESPA, GWA must be 93% but not more than 95%.
  1. Applicants must meet the income requirement, with their parents or guardians having a combined annual gross income not exceeding Four Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP 400,000). In cases where the income surpasses this threshold, applicants must provide written certification of a family member’s illness or school certifications demonstrating two or more dependents enrolled in college.
  2. Avail of only one government-funded financial assistance program.

CHED Scholarship Requirements

Alongside the qualifications, the following CHED Scholarship requirements are also to be considered upon application:

A. Citizenship

  • Birth certificate (PSA or NSO) as proof of Filipino citizenship.

B. Academic

  • Duly certified true copy of High school report card for incoming freshmen students eligible for college (High School Graduate); and
  • Duly certified true copy of grades for Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12 for graduating high school students.

C. Financial

The student-applicants shall submit any of the following documents:

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents or guardian;
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR);
  • Certificate of Indigence either from their Barangay or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD);
  • Case Study report from DSWD; or
  • Latest copy of contract or proof of income may be considered for children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers.

D. Others

Proof of the following documents (if applicable):

  • Parents are senior citizens.
  • Being a member of an indigenous group
  • Parents who are on their own or their dependents
  • A person with a disability (PWD)
  • Homeless and underprivileged

Finally, how to apply for the CHED Scholarship:

  • Prepare the complete documentary requirements.
  • Scan the documentary requirements clearly.
  • Send the application and documents ONLINE to your respective CHED Regional Office.

CHED Scholarship Benefits

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of availing the CHED scholarship is the freedom from worrying about paying tuition, miscellaneous fees, or other school expenses. 

As part of the CHED Scholarship benefits, scholars receive a monthly allowance or stipend every semester, which is distributed either directly to them or through their school/Higher Education Institution. Here’s a breakdown of the financial assistance:

For Private Universities

Full CHED scholars enrolled in a private university receive P20,000 for tuition and other school fees, P35,000 in allowance, and P5,000 for books every semester.

For State Universities

CHED scholars who prefer to attend a state or public university receive FREE tuition as well as a stipend and book allowance of P40,000 per semester.

Under the CHED Scholarship Program, a qualified student may be awarded either a Full Scholarship (FS) or a Half Scholarship (HS) through the State Scholarship or Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA).

Full Merit

This is intended for high school graduates with a GWA of at least 96% or its equivalent.

Half Merit

This is intended for high school graduates with a GWA of at least 93% – 95% or its equivalent.

CHED Scholarship 2024 to 2025 Application Form

Please note the actual deadline may vary, so it’s best for aspiring applicants to keep checking the CHED website for announcements regarding the exact application period. But March 31, 2025 should be the approximate deadline for AY 2024-2025 based on past timelines.

Reminder: Please ensure that the course you are planning to enroll in is aligned with the priority courses. Additionally, check the completeness of your documents because only those with complete documents and at least a 93% GWA are allowed to proceed with the Online Application.

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