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Gov’t, Telcos Urged to Simplify SIM Card Registration

govt telcos urged to simplify sim card registration

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —  Lawmakers are urging the government and telecommunication firms to simplify the mandatory subscriber identity module (SIM) registration process following the 90-day extension of the registration deadline. 

This extension aims to give Filipinos more time to register their SIM cards and comply with the law. House Speaker Martin Romualdez urged the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), and telco firms to collaborate in making SIM card registration more straightforward, faster, and more convenient, particularly for millions of Filipinos whose SIM cards remain unregistered. 

“Let us help millions of Filipinos who have mobile phones but who still have not registered their SIMs as required by law to register. Let us make it easier for them to take advantage of the 90-day registration extension granted by President Marcos Jr.,” he said

Romualdez emphasized that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families should be assisted in registering their SIM cards to communicate despite the distance.

The House Speaker also urged the Department of Migrant Workers and the Department of Foreign Affairs to assist the DICT, NTC, and telcos in educating OFWs and their families on mandatory SIM card registration. 

Romualdez believes that many OFWs’ families in the provinces may find it difficult to comply with the registration requirement or are unaware of it. He added that while telco firms offer SIM card registration assistance, they should go the extra mile in seeking out people who have bought and used their SIMs and help them register.

“I suspect that OFWs’ families in the provinces are finding it difficult to comply with the registration requirement, and some may even be unaware of it,” he said.

As of April 24, the NTC reported that 87.442 million out of 168.016 million active SIM cards had been registered. 

The DICT is looking to register 100 to 110 million SIM cards that are legitimately owned and used by telco subscribers, while the rest are being used for scams or telemarketing. The government and telecommunications firms should take advantage of the 90-day extension to simplify the registration process and help millions of Filipinos comply with the law. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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