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Google Doodle spotlights Pinoy Adobo

google doodle spotlights pinoy adobo

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Google Doodle features the popular Filipino dish Adobo in celebration of the Pinoy staple today, March 15.

“Adobo is an important part of the story of Filipinos. It is an evolving, well-loved comfort food or way of cooking that crosses all economic boundaries,” said Mervin Wenke, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

Henke hailed the Pinoy Adobo as the first dish to be featured in Google Doodle, which should be considered a “Pinoy Pride Moment.” He said it is a celebration of the uniqueness and diversity of Filipino cuisine.

Adobo in different parts of the Philippines

There are considerably different ways how to make Adobo. In fact, different parts of the country have their own authentic way of preparing the celebrated dish, as it also serves as the symbolic nature of its people. 

Adobo Today

Historically, the concept of Adobo was far before the Spanish arrived in 1521. Like the native people of the Iberian Peninsula, indigenous people in the Philippines had long used vinegar and salt to preserve proteins.

Today, most modern-day Adobo is prepared with vinegar and soy sauce. Some families keep it simple, with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and black pepper. 

However, in parts of Southern Luzon, Adobo is cooked with the addition of coconut milk and hot chili.  

Vegetables and seafood can also be cooked adobo style. 

Although there is no label on what the national food of the Philippines is, Adobo is undoubtedly considered one of the top choices of all Filipinos. — WhatALife!/Anthony

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