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Gloc-9’s “Sirena” unexpectedly takes personal meaning as he embraces LGBTQ+ son

gloc 9s sirena unexpectedly takes personal meaning as he embraces lgbtq son

MANILA PHILIPPINES — Gloc-9’s chart-topping 2012 hit ‘Sirena’ has transcended its status as an anthem to become a symbol of empowerment and acceptance to his LGBTQ+ son, Sean Daniel.

Gloc-9 admitted to initial apprehension before the release of ‘Sirena,’ fearing the potential for misinterpretation and unintended offense. 

He recalled, “Yung song na ‘yan, nung ire-release namin ‘yan, takot na takot ako.” The rapper explained that he was cautious about not wanting to insult anyone and emphasized the importance of delivering a respectful message.

However, the response from the public, especially the LGBTQ+ community, was overwhelmingly positive. Gloc-9 shared anecdotes of people approaching him with heartfelt stories related to the song. 

A few years after “Sirena” was released, Gloc-9 unexpectedly found a deeper personal connection to his song.

Unbeknownst to him at the time of writing, his son, Daniel, is gay. “My son is gay. Nung sinulat ko ‘yun, hindi niya pa sinasabi sa amin,” Gloc-9 revealed, highlighting the unintentional foresight in his lyrics. 

The rapper expressed pride and excitement for his son, emphasizing his full support and love.

He shared touching encounters with fathers of gay children who expressed gratitude for the song, revealing moments of understanding and acceptance within families. 

Gloc-9 reflected on how life’s mysterious ways unfolded, providing him with unexpected hints of magic. “Minsan iniisip ko how life gives you hints of magic here and there. Nung natapos ko ‘yung ‘Sirena’ hindi ko naman alam. And I don’t mind. Anak ko ‘yun.”

With his son coming out a few years back, Gloc-9 is now openly proud and excited about Daniel’s journey. 

“Ako’y proud na may anak ako na tulad ni Daniel. Mahal na mahal ko ang mga anak ko at gagawin ko ang lahat para sa kanila,” he expressed.

As ‘Sirena’ continues to resonate with audiences more than a decade later, Gloc-9 considers the song a heartfelt gift, not just for himself but especially for his son. 

The rapper acknowledges the timeless impact of a song that transcends its musicality to become a powerful force for acceptance and understanding.

Known for addressing social issues in his music, Gloc-9 has had a remarkable three-decade career, earning over 60 awards, including the prestigious SUDI National Music Award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Awit Awards, and FAMAS Awards.

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